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"Young people need to listen to older people, live long and tell a good story about today. It is our time to do great things for the people.”
Scott Frazier, Santee/Crow



The full moon rises over Tok, Alaska

"There's only one thing that separates us from our ancestors,
and that's time."
Andrew Abyo, Alutiiq and Aleu



Artist unknown  

“If you shoot for the moon and miss, at least you’ll be among the stars.”  Norma-Chae Issac, Choctaw


"The Earth is in great crisis, but there is hope. We have a choice right now to either walk the spiritual path or walk the industrial path."
Eddy Stevenson, Ojibwe


Tony Abeyta, Navajo

"...Get an education, graduate and go to college. Then bring what you learned back to us and share it with your community.”   Teresa Harvey

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