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Mutton Stew
Ryan Singer, Dine

 "I don't know how you can understand American history and American culture if you don't understand Native American history and culture.  I think this is important stuff." 
Suzanne Gordon, University of Maryland





Beloved Woman of the Cherokee, Nancy Ward
Sharon Irla, Cherokee

"What I see,
I want you to see,
So that what you see,
Your children will be able to see."
Edna Gordon, Seneca


Take Pride in being unique
 Mary River Turtle, Australia
Photo by Chris Van Wyk

“When students are taught as respected human beings instead of being talked at --  and these are two different things -- students will respect you and want to work and understand more.” David Katzeek, Tlingit



Blue Bird Spirit
A. BOUVETTE, First Nation, and Metis Heritage.

"If one ventures into another religious faith, it's best to know your teacher." 
Jodi Lee Rave, Mandan/Hidatsa/Arikara Nation




Noah Billie, Seminole

"The rule of indigenous environments: where there are indigenous peoples with a homeland, there are still biologically rich environments."
Bernard Nietschman


Taos Pueblo Night
Gary Lujan (Land Eagle), Taos Pueblo

"Mother Earth is not a resource. She is an heirloom." 
 David Ipinia, Yurok


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