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"The arrival of the white buffalo is like the second coming of Christ. It will bring about purity of mind, body and spirit, and unify all nations,
black, red, yellow, and white."

Floyd Hand, Sioux medicine man, on the 1994 birth of Miracle, the Sacred White Buffalo





The Prince
Brian Jungen, Dunne-za First Nations/Swiss-Canadian
Made from baseball gloves and dress form

"Somehow Tonto was always there. Like the Negro butler and the Oriental gardener. Tonto represented a silent, subservient subspecies of Anglo-Saxon whose duty was to do the bidding of the all-wise white hero."  
Vine Deloria, Jr , Standing Rock Sioux


Mamie Deschillie, Navajo
Paint, cloth, and costume jewelry on cardboard

"Look at the mess we've got ourselves into, just because we invited a gringo to eat some bananas."  
Col. Aureliano Buendia in "100 years of Solitude"



"The Great Mystery"
Robert Taylor,
Crow/Blackfeet/Osage/Cherokee/Black Dutch

"I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just."
Thomas Jefferson


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