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"When you sing a song and learn it, once you understand it,
you will feel it!” 
Teresa Harvey, Nisqually





Artist: Raymond Thunder-Sky, Mohawk

"When we're through with this earth and all these problems, we don't have to come back. But as long as we're here we have a job to do and a purpose to fulfill, and that means dealing with the circumstances around us."   
Rolling Thunder, Cherokee



Artist Unknown

“The universe does not belong to you, you belong to the Universe.”
Grandmother Rita Pitka Blumenstein, Yup'ik


National Indian Symposium on Food and Nutrition Poster
Las Vegas, NV 1981

"What we had was so rich. It was beyond adequate. All the times I'd sat with elders and heard them talking about so many fish in the rivers you could walk across on their backs. There was such an abundance of resources, and their knowledge was so deep. We were self-sufficient in such a powerful and magnificent way."    Julie Cajune, Salish 


Totem Poles
Brian Jungen, Dunne-za First Nations/Swiss-Canadian
Golf bags with golf balls and painted golf tees.

"If we don't know the language we probably won't be Indian people anymore. We'd be Americans with nice tans."  
Dennis White, Lac Courte Oreilles Band, Chippewa


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