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"We are INDIGENOUS to this land. We didn't come from China, Mongolia, Ireland or Greece.  We traveled around yes, and met other cultures and peoples, but get this: we are indigenous "native to these lands." Although it's hard for Eurocentric Americans or Europeans to accept this, our cultures and languages are home grown. The Catholic missionaries and [those] who came over from Spain to steal and plunder couldn't--and--wouldn't believe that indigenous peoples could create a "civilization" more advanced that that in Europe at the time, so they began the process of looking to Europe for the source of inspiration for Indigenous culture here on Turtle Island."

              Tom Dostou, Makwa, Midewin Society


Tundra blanket toss

Pen and Ink on Seal Skin)
by George Twok Aden Ahgupuk, Inupiat

“ Don’t listen to peers who say you can’t do what you want to do. If you fail at something, just pick yourself up and try again. That’s what I did.”

                              Milton Paddlety, Kiowa 


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“Take care of your mind. Watch your words, they are really powerful. Same with your bodies. Take care of yourself. You are very powerful.”
                                        Sam Benally, Navajo


 Virginia Stroud

         "Listening is the first sense to develop in the womb. It is not surprising, then, that I was conscious of sounds earlier than anything else as an infant. Mainly, these were the sounds of bird wings rising up into the sky, rustling trees, the cry of the mourning dove, and the rippling wind. They were the first nonhuman sounds I heard because my family spent most of the time outdoors. This awareness was followed by other sounds of life embracing me with deep signs and measured breaths. Those human sounds then became syllables, or vocables, and voice patterns with intonations and inflections. Eventually and inexplicably, they turned into words such as Waconda, meaning Creator, or the Great Mystery of LIfe, and waduge, meaning to eat, and Mayah, the Earth. Single words became explosions of sounds and images, and these traveled outward in strings of sentences or melodies and songs."

Anna Lee Walters, Pawnee, Otoe


“Turtle,” 1981
Randy Chitto,

 "In our story of Creation, we talk about each one of us having our own path to travel, and our own gift to give and to share. You see, what we say is that the Creator gave us all special gifts; each one of us is special. And each one of us is a special gift to each other because we've got something to share." 
                                                       John Peters (Slow Turtle),   Wampanoag   




"Cultural competence is the ability to communicate, live, learn and work in cross-cultural situations. It’s important to have respect for differences, an eagerness to learn and a willingness to accept there are many ways of viewing the world."
                                                  Terry Bergeson

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