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"Make the kids a nutritious lunch. I'll teach you how to make a good Indian sandwich:

You take a bread.
You take a bologna.
You take another bread.
Voilà! "

 Don Burnstick, Comedian, Lunchtime at Headstart


"She Defends"
Jeremy Red Star Wolf, Cayuse / Walla Walla / Umatilla
"Each child should have the fundamental right, a constitutional right, whether it's a tribal constitutional right, federal or state constitutional right. It's time we made our constitutions have our children's rights in them so they can engage in those experiences that he or she is most anxious to explore, because it is having the right to choose that is truly indigenous to the democratic concept."

                                                                   David Wilkins, Lumbee


Red Yellow Blue
James Lavadour, Umatilla"

       "We have to pick things that our people have left along the trail. Everything wasn't passed down.  Too many of our people died too quick back then.  They didn't have time to pass it all down.  So we Indians today have to go back and find the things that got left along the trail.  It's up to us to go back and pick them up.  We have to educate ourselves to know who we are.  That's what I mean when I say, 'Teach the children.'   The Grandfathers and Grandmothers are in the children.  If we educate them right, our children tomorrow will be wiser than we are today. They're the Grandfathers and Grandmothers of tomorrow." 
Eddie Benton-Banai, Ojibwe


"For the Odawa, winter (biboon) faces north and is a time when the elders (kikaa) of the tribe teach and tell stories so that traditions can be passed on to the youth. It is a sublime and beautiful way to honor and welcome the different seasons of the year, as well as life from birth to old age and ‘walking on.’”  Gail Hosner, Odawa 

Winter Count
Lone Dog, Lakota
Smithsonian NMAI


Bordear 2005
Oil on canvas
Carlos Jacanamijoy, Inga (Columbia)
"I heard a wise woman talk at a conference. She spoke of being removed from her culture, unplugged from it, disconnected and set aside like an old toaster. But she was always a toaster and the day came when someone plugged her back in and the electricity flowed. She became functional again - and the tool of her reawakening was her language."
Richard Wagamese. Ojibway


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