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Facing Left Raven
Rick Bartow, Wiyot

"From the time Europeans colonized America, the policy has gone from genocide to assimilation. It's remarkable Indian people have persisted with their languages and culture. Five hundred years later, Indians are still Indians.”         
                    Julie Cajune, Salish


In tune with the Infinite
Daphne Odjig b. 1928, Odawa/Potawatomi/ English
Silk Screen Print“

"In the old days, everyone who was born had a purpose, but that belief had faded away some over the years.  Now we are working with our kids to re-instill that mindset. We want our future to remain strong and to continue to move forward.."                  
                     Jennifer Porter, Kootenai*


Valentina LaPier, Blackfoot

"When we walk upon Mother Earth, we always plant our feet carefully because we know the faces of our future generations are looking up at us from beneath the ground. We never forget them. "
Oren Lyons, Onondaga Nation


Moonrise over Earthworks, Newark, Ohio
Built by the Hopewell people between 100 BC and AD 500,

"To see the future, you only have to look at the past." Wilma Mankiller, Cherokee


One Dance, One Creation
Eric Gansworth, Onondaga

"Take care of your people, whatever you do."  Ruth Adams

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