Native Village Arts and Crafts Library

"Emergence of the Clowns" by Roxanne Swentzel, Santa Claro Pueblo

" To lose the art of a people is to lose the people themselves."
Bruce McGee, Heard Museum

**The Autry Collections Online
Search the database for museum quality items.

Selected items related to birds at the Autry Museum collections
*Micaceous Clay
Micaceous clay contains mica and is distinctive and instantly recognizable as being from Northern New Mexico.

Rabbit and Bear Paws Colouring Pages
From the Creators of "Rabbit and Bear Paws" graphic novels.

**360° Tour of Santa Fe Indian Market
**Woodland Indian Coloring Pages
Dozens of pages depicting many tribes!*

**Ancient Hawaii
Artwork by Colin Anderson and Robert King Andia a

**Buffalo Hide Painting
Discover buffalo hide art and create your own painting!
**Birch Bark Biting
Pat Bruderer is one of few in the world who has mastered birch bark biting, a traditional indigenous art form.
**Project 562
Matika Wilbur is photographing member of every federally recognized tribe in the U.S.

*Inuit Cartography
Greenland's Inuit carved small,portable maps out of driftwood to be used while navigating coastal waters.

**How to Bead a Tobacco Bag, Lakota Style
Watch the video demonstrations

**Material Traditions: Dene Quill Art
A video from the Smithsonian Museum of Natural history

*Yup'ik Traditions: Qantaq (Bentwood Bowl)
A video from the Smithsonian Museum of Natural history

**Bunky Echo-Hawk
Filmed at the Field Museum

The Wonderful History of Venetian Glass Beads
A story of the beads so favored in early trade by Native Americans
Frederick Gokliz Drawings
Frederick Gokliz ink and watercolor drawings of Apache Indians, 1894-1899
Local Inspiration: Alaska Native Artists Study the Collections
A video from the Smithsonian Museum of Natural history
**How To Do Threadwork ON Feathers
Watch the video tutorial
**Ojibwe Pucker Toe Moccasin Tutorials
*Hokule'a Model
Construction drawing of original Hokule‘a, 1973
**3D Scans of Inka Stonework
Live and online at Smithsonian Institution

**Lakota Doll Artist Rhonda Holy Bear

Native American Art
A bimonthly publication geared toward the historic and contemporary Native American art market
Urban Interventions: Skate Art at the Museum
A video from the Smithsonian Museum of Natural history

Spirit Wrestler Gallery
Native American Art

The Artistry of Tlingit Weaving
A video from the Smithsonian Museum of Natural history

**American Indian Art for Sale at Online Auctions
Check out the latest items for sale.

**The Plains Indians: Artists of the Earth and Sky
An audio guide to the exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art
**Ojibwe Pucker Toe Moccasin Tutorials

From Kayaks to Masks: Traditions of Sugpiaq Carving
A video from the Smithsonian Museum of Natural history

*All Dolled Up
An interview with Lakota Dollmaker Rhonda Holy Bear

The Making of Regalia: Straight Dress Making
Introduces viewers to the fundamentals of straight dress making

Indigenous Arts at the Banaff Centre

**Living Traditionally: Chickasaw Bead Artist Courtney Parchcorn
Video: Parchcorn explains how her artwork connects her with her culture

**David Boxley Totem Pole at the NMAI
A video of David Boxley,Tsimshian carver from Alaska, who created a totem pole for the National Museum of the American Indian in Washington, D.C

**How to make your own bead loom
**Across Borders: Beadwork in Iroquois Life
From the National Museum of the American Indian

Redhawk Native American Arts Council
Educating others about NA heritage through song, dance, theater, art cultural expression through artists from North, South, Central American, Caribbean and Polynesian Indigenous cultures.

**How to Make a Beaded Rosette Medallion
Popular for both men and women dancers for many generations
**ATADA Theft Alerts
From The Antique Tribal Art Dealers Association

**Black Bear's Ledger Book
A ledger by Black Bear, a Kiowa/Apache, sharing his tribe's history thru drawings that date back to 1870 or earlier.

Northwest Coast Weavers Supply
Your source for Chilkat & Ravenstail materials and supplies
Navajo Paintings
Explore the online collection from the National Museum of the American Indian
**A Life in Beads
The Stories a Plains Dress Can Tell
*Star Quilt App
Design and copy your own Northern Plains star.

The design practice that makes Northwest Coast Art so distinctive in the world

Design Your Own Storytelling Cards

Woven Together
Weaving Traditions of the Pacific NW coast

**Native American Clip Art
A free teacher's resource made by 7 Generations Games

**How to Make Your Own Bead Loom
Jacobo and Maria Angeles
Slide show of painted carvings by the Zapotec folk artists. Fantastic work!

Mud Woman Rolls On
Educational lesson plan about a work by the magnificent Roxanne Swentzell

**Pictographs by Sitting Bull's Hand
A Smithsonian Ethnographer's Perspective

Plains Ledger Art: A Contemporary Style
From Avis Charley, graphic artist, Oceti Sakowin and Dine descent.
1968 Norval Morrisseau Paintings
Watch the appraisal on this Antique's Roadshow clip
Infinity of Nations Collection
Explore the online collection from the National Museum of the American Indian
Contemporary Northern traditional bustle construction
**Anishnaabe Symbol-Based Reflection (ASBR)
An arts-based research method built on Anishinaabek properties using art as an experience for expression and healing.

**Julia Parker: Basket Weaving
 Travel to Yosemite with Julia Parker who is helping revive the art form of Native American basket weaving.

The Dreamcatcher
Susan Mullins (Kwaronhia:wi) from the Kahnawake reserve creates a dream catcher, an item designed to catch bad dreams and let good dreams through.

Truman Lowe: Contemporary Native American Artist
Truman Lowe is a contemporary sculptor working primarily in wood scavenged from the landscape.
Native Themes in New Deal-Era Murals
Featured in the 2012 Indian Market SWAIA Official Guide
**The Central American Ceramics Research Project
Explore artifacts in interactive 3D
**Engineering in the Andes Mountains History and Design of Inca Suspension Bridges
Spanish conquistadors marveled at Inca bridge technology which spanned longer distances than any European bridges.

Truman Lowe at Wickliffe Mounds
Native artist Truman Lowe shares how a visit to an ancient Native American community in Western Kentucky influenced his work.

**Native American Finger Weaving
Instructions for several methods.

**Vatican Sculptures of 19th century Native Americans
Fascinating video of life-size sculptures of famous Native Americans in the Vatican archives/

**Masters of Traditional Arts
A journey through the lives of people whose creativity is rooted in a deep sense of cultural identity
**Lila Greengrass Blackdeer
Learn about the Hocak basketmaker from Wisconsin
**Native Modern Art
From the American Indian College Fund
**The Asháninka Photography Project
Using photography to catalog and archive the Ashaninka environment, culture and lifestyle.
**Tribal College Quilt Quiz
Which tribal college does the quilt block represent?

A report on the “Strengthening the Bones” convening held in the fall of 2011

**Tribal College Quilt - Wisdom of the People
Individual quilt blocks from tribal colleges participating in the Woksape Oyate program
**Arctic Journeys/Ancient Memories
The Sculpture of Abraham Anghik Ruben

**Cape Dorset Annual Print Collection 2012
This year’s collection of thirty images represents twelve artists, including three newcomers.

**Jeronimo E. Lozano
Learn about the retablo master from Peru
A Unique Slant of Light: The Bicentennial History of Art in Louisiana
The art of the state from 1699 to the present day. Includes native artists and illustrations.
**California Indian Shell Beads
**Sisters of the Great Lakes
A virtual exhibit: Art of American Indian Women

**Contemporary North American Indigenous Artists

**Lakota Inside Out Project
Lakota street art in NYC

**Nunavut Food Guide Coloring Book!
From the Nunavut government and in the national language!

**Preserving Mayan Weaving
Mayan Weaver, Juanita Velasco, demonstrates the art of Mayan Weaving at the NMAI

**Choctaw Baskets: Weaving the Past and Present
An activity for grades 5-8.

**Taking It Global Art Gallery
An incredible collection of media projects from youth across the world.

**Qaggiavuut! Society for a Nunavut Performing Arts Centre
Database to collect and present Nunavut performing artists

**Modoc Basket
Watch the History Detective program about a basket made by Toby Riddle, a heroine in the Modoc War.
**Woodlands Indians coloring Pages

*Archaeology of Australian Aboriginal Art
Read the book online: Archaeology of Australian Aboriginal Art

**History Detectives: Navajo Rug
Why would a weaver depart from tradition to make this rug?

**Art That Tells a Story
This interactive story includes 18th and 19th Native American Art

**Create Your Own Virtual Star Quilt
Native star quilts are given away to honor a loved one. You can carry on the tradition

**Inuit Art Society
Celebrating the Arts of the Arctic

**Freer Gallery of Art Project 
Explore 17 renowned art museums around the world, or just create your own.

**Contemporary Inuit Sculpture
10 Inuit artists whose work reflects traditions that are thousands of years old

*Anishinabemowin Valentine’s Cards
From the Saginaw Bay Chippewa Tribe

Aboriginal Voices in Canadian Contemporary Art
Representing the different voices of contemporary Canadian aboriginals

**Sewing our Traditions: Dolls of Canada’s North
A collection of over fifty handmade dolls created by Inuit and Canadian First Nations.
**Through the Eyes of Children
Artwork by children from Nunavik
**Cesar's Bark Canoe
Online Film: César Newashish, an Attikamek from Canada, uses birchbark, cedar splints, spruce roots and gum to build a canoe in the old ways.
**Fire Felling a Tulip Tree for a Dugout Canoe
Video of build a dugout canoe using mostly pre steel tools
Rescuing the timeless totems of SGang Gwaay
A UNESCO World Heritage Site
Prints and Drawings in Contemporary Inuit Art
Traditional Zapotech Weaving
A video demonstration from the Smithsonian Folklife Festival
Eskimo Artist: Kenojuak
Documentary shows how Inuit transfer their drawings into stone, printed and sold.

**"Always Becoming" Sculpture Project
Ten video segments of Artist Nora Naranjo-Morse (Santa Clara Pueblo), the first Native woman to create an outdoor sculpture in Washington, D.C.,

Keeping the tradition of Haida canoe-building alive
Video from the CBC about Morris White
**Listening to our Ancestors
The Art of Life Along the North Pacific Coast
Northwest Native Indian Art Carvings
By Cody Mathias and George Stokes of the Squamish Nation

**Redhawk Native American Arts Council
New York State Native American resources.

Hide: Skin as Material and Metaphor
From the National Museum of the American Indian

**Strange Comfort
Brian Jungen, Dunne-za First Nations, turns mass produced goods to create art.

Coloring Pages
From the Office of Indian Education
The American Indian in Stamps
Profiles in Leadership, Accomplishment, and Cultural Celebration|eid=385|s1=6|
**SoundSeen: Pictographs by Sitting Bull's hand
A Smithsonian perspective
**Indigenous Motivations
From the NMAI: Artists share quotes about their lives in art.
Continuum 12 Artists
Presents new work by twelve contemporary Native artists

*Infiinity of Nations
Art and History in the Collections of the National Museum of the American Indian

Ancient Mexican Art
From the NMAI Collections

*Christmas cards from a K'iche Maya Village in Guatemala
Hand drawn pictures from youth
Indian Arts and Crafts Board
From the U.S. Dept. of the Interior
Woodlands Tribal Artists Association

Memory and Imagination
The legacy of Maidu Indian artist, Frank Day

  Native and Meso American Art
Several topics and videos freely available on loan

*Navajo Sand Painting Cross-stitch,18

Did You Know They Are Native American?
A list of mainstream actors and musicians including Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp, and Megan Fox , with Native heritage.

**Pipe Collection Virtual Exhibit
Native pipes from the first centuries BC to the 20th century
**Native Sky
A Growing Gallery of student native art seen from the sky
April Romo de Vivar's Inuit Nativity from 2005
Lovely slideshow with music

**Images of Native Americans: The Wanamaker Collection

 Heard Museum Screensavers
16 works of art by Native Americans, which are displayed in the Heard Museum in Phoenix, Arizona
**Fans of Fame
An overview of Native American fans, with drawings.

Children of the World
Free coloring pictures of children across the globe.

**World Ice Art Championships
Held February -March, this annual event is the home of world class art. View photos and more.
**George de Forest Brush
An important series of paintings of American Indians celebrated by his contemporaries but rarely seen.
**Living Portraits: New Mexico Artists & Writers
Online DVD Clip
**They Were Here: Ice Age Humans in South Carolina 
Online video:At the Topper Site, artifacts prove that  early humans were coming to ancient chert quarries, making rudimentary knives and other tools 15,000-20,000 ago.
**Shadows and Reflections: Florida's Lost People 
Online video: Artist Ted Morris recreates on canvas the lives and spirits of Florida's Calusa, Apalachee, Timacua, and Tequesta people.

The Obsidian Trail 
Online video: In California's Owens Valley,archaeologists are re-examining what ancient arrowheads, points and flakes can reveal and are learning some surprising things.

**American Indian ART Symbol Dictionary
44 common symbols in the works of Navajo, Hopi and Zuni artists.  Also found in Pueblo Pottery.
Fritz Scholder: Indian/Not Indian
Fritz Scholder was among the most influential, prolific and controversial figures in Native Art
S'abadeb-The Gifts: Pacific Coast Salish Art and Artists
Explores the art and culture of the Salish First Peoples of Washington State and British Columbia

Ancient Kawaiisu Tule Boat
California university students make ancient tule boat.

Conquest of Mexico Paintings
From the Library of Congress

**2008 Gathering Morning Slideshow
An OUTSTANDING collecting of Northwest Coast Arts and Crafts.

**José Clemente Orozco: The Epic of American Civilization  
Details about the mural "The Epic of American Civilization" painted by José Clemente Orozco

Elephant Painting
Watch an elephant as he paints an elephant. It's true!

**Young Artists: Trail of the Painted Ponies
Discover the talented “Young Artists” from The Trail of Painted Ponies

**Archive of Early American Images
Database of pictures of colonial Americans from Hudson Bay to Tierra del Fuego
**NativeTech: Native American Technology and Art 
Absolutely the best website on the net for Native arts and crafts.
**The George Winter Collection
Exceptional artwork of Midwest Indians and tribes.
Olive Rush Papers Online
Documenting Rush's education and career as an artist and promoter of Native American art.

**The Trail of Painted Ponies
Amazing stories painted onto horse sculptures (some are life size.)  View the online galleries.

**Caribou Kayak
Otto Apsaktaun and Gino Akka are the last Inuit elders who know the secrets of making a Netsilingmeot caribou-hunting kayak.

**Metis Sash
The Metis sash is perhaps the most widely recognized symbol of Metis culture. (Videos)

**Carving a Totem Pole at Skidegate 
A story told with photos of a totem pole being carved at Skidegate, Haida Gwaii

Native American Art
From the Museum of Fine Art, Boston.

Thumbelina's Coloring Book
Color pictures of the world's smallest horse.

**Ccaccaccollo Community women's weaving project
Developing a weaving project in Peru.

**A New World
A slideshow of John White's watercolors giving Europe its first glimpse of America.
Aboriginal Australia Art and Culture Centre - Alice Springs
Aborigines in different regions tend to emphasize their own distinctness and identity.

Illustrated works of George Catlin Prince Maximilian, Karl Bodmer, Thomas McKenney, and Edward Curtis

Off The Map
Offers some insights into the world of ten artists who might well be considered outsider artists.

Michigan Basket Maker Talks About Her Art
Basket artisan, Kelly Church, talks about making black ash baskets.

**Living History
Video of a Native students building a Haida canoe.
**Building a drum

*Beauty Surrounds Us
View the online exhibit from the Smithsonian

**The Life and Legend of Bill Reid
The Haida artist is largely credited for inspiring a Haida renaissance with his masterful works of art.
Lakota Doll Making Tradition
From Diane LoneElk
**Hawaiian Quilting Traditions
**Native American Dolls
Presents the first-hand perspectives of five Native doll makers from around the United States
**To Honor and Comfort: Native Quilting Traditions,
developed by NMAI in collaboration with Michigan State University
As described by Roanoke Colonists
Master Carver Brochure
From Jerry Jones, master Canoe carver, Tulalip Tribe

**2006 Student  Art Competition Winners
From the Indian Education Association

First American Art: The Charles and Valerie Diker Collection of American Indian Art   
Focuses on the collectors' "love of beautiful objects" rather than historical or tribal focus.

*American Indian Art
Video clip/slideshow from Indigenous People's Literature

**Australian Aboriginal Art and Storytelling
Australian rock art shows some of the oldest-known artistic images by modern humans.

Native American Art
Video clip/slideshow from Indigenous People's Literature

**Living History
A 7 minute video of Seattle students carving a traditional Haida canoe.
NAICA online
An online magazine dedicated to promoting contemporary Indigenous cinema and arts the world over

**Carving Cultural Connections
Slideshow of Seattle Students carving a traditional Haida canoe.

Traditional Crafts of Japan: Bamboo
Traditional Japanese fishing poles, archery bows, tea whisks, bamboo basketry, and other crafts

**Peyote Stitch Video
A Native American beading technique that takes infinite concentration and patience
**Find the shapes in the Navajo rug.

**First American Art
See the online exhibition from the Smithsonian
Portraits from Latin America, beginning with the Pre-Columbian era
** Smithsonian.TV: Two Greyhills Navajo Tapestry Tradition
Barbara Teller Ornelas & Lynda Teller Pete are known for weaving rugs in the traditional Two Grey Hills
**Our Lives in Our Hands
This free 1986 film examines the traditional Native American craft of split ash basketmaking by Maine's Aroostook Micmac Indians.,94
**Off the Map
Looks at the "backyard paradises" created by visionary artists
Cultural Commons
Contains important information on topics such as cultural diplomacy, preservation, and legal and First Amendment issue
Cultural Policy and the Arts National Data Archive
The world's first interactive digital archive of policy-relevant data on the arts and cultural policy in the United States
** Entwined with Life: Native American Basketry
How baskets are entwined with people's lives, and how basket makers are human cultural resources
** Schools for Chiapas
Student Murals and Signs
** Life Abounds
Arctic Native Wildlife Art
** Day of the Dead
Online Art Exhibit from the Burke Museum
Smithsonian TV: Native Modernism
Explores “Native modernism” through a discussion about the critical perspectives and practices of Native artists.
Out of the SilenCe:
A retrospective view of Northwest Coast totem pole traditions -
Apache Basket
The most significant prehistoric artifact recovered at Wupatki National Monument
Hopewell Ceramic Vessel
Circa 1-350 AD
Centennial Pole
By Duane Pasco. Sitka National Historical
Mono Lake Paiute Basket
Made in the 1932 from sedge root, redbud, bracken fern root, willow rods
Miwok Basket
Discovered in Yosemite National Park*
**PreColumbian Graphic Art
Polychrome Jar
by Maria and Julian Martinez
Prehistoric Figurines
Animal shaped split-twig figurines made by prehistoric people
Restored corrugated jar
From Mesa Verde National Park

Ancestral Puebloan Storage jar
Still contains corn kernels placed within it 1100-1900 years ago.
Falcon Effigy
Copper Falcon effigy, from 1-250 AD, found at Mound City Group.
Panamint Shoshone Basketry
Death Valley National Park
Maya Vase Database
From the University of Iowa
The Rasmunson Theater Curtain
This hand-woven curtain at the Smithsonian used 23 colors of different threads
**Backstrap weaving in Jacaltenango
Most Mayan women continue to weave on the pre-Columbian backstrap loom between chores
**Native Women in the Arts
First Nations, Metis and Inuit women from diverse artistic disciplines
*The Quilt of Belonging
Tribal members across Canada were invited to contribute their talents and visions
Button Blankets
Trade Blankets decorated in the early 1900s.

Ceremonial Artifact
Shows how the study of relevant cultural artifacts like Native American Pomo baskets can enhance  students' understanding of literature.

Hopi Quilts
Works of art incorporating Hopi symbols and designs.
A star is born.
Native American quilter from the Three Affiliated Tribes demonstrates how Star Quilts are created.
*Healing Arts
Apache master potter Felipe Ortega to offer five-day workshops in traditional Indian coil-and-scrape pottery making.
*Lakota Winter Counts
  The world's largest database of Lakota "winter  counts" -- pictures drawn on cloth or buffalo hide to remember    each year's key events (1701 to 1905).
*Create Your own Bead Loom Online
*First Nations Art: An Introduction to Contemporary Native Artists in  Canada
Profiles of artists with bibliographies and lists of  selected exhibitions and collections
* The Language of Native American Baskets from the Weavers' View
Historic weavers reflected their world in these baskets
* Dung and Dunger Paper Arts
Bison Dung Paper Arts and the World's First Bison Dung Hand-Made Paper
* Inuit and Northwest Art E-Cards
Create and Send a Free E-Card from the Free Spirit Gallery
* Native American Actors / American Indian Actors Directory
**White Roots of Peace Baby Quilt Project 
The purpose of this project is to reach out to Native American babies & elders across Turtle Island with loving thoughts and quilts.
SLIDE SHOW PHOTO GALLERY of The Liberty and Freedom Poles Journey
Images of the Lummi Nation healing pole near the 911 crash at the Pentagon
One of the best Caribbean Indigenous Cultural Arts and crafts websites on the Internet.
*Earth as Art: A Land Perspective
Striking photos of Aleutian clouds, Bolivian deforestation, the Everglades, and more.
*Chumash Basket Weaving.
Recent works in master-works of Chumash basket-weaving with photographs and commentary.
**Taos Pueblo Stone Sculpture
Premier stone sculptures by the premier artist of Taos Pueblo.
Interviews With John Suazo.
Interviews archived from 3 newspapers.
**Turkey River: Native American Art of the Ohio Country 
Artist history and display of Ohio's 13th-18th century Woodlands Indians and the ethnic cleansing by whites wanting land.
Juanita Suazo DuBray Auto-Biography
Words from a Taos Pueblo potter who works with Micaceous clays.
**Native Art Network
Promoting authentic Native American Art of the highest quality.
*Shoshoni weir
Create your own weir online
* American Indian Computer Art Project
*A Time of Visions -
Interviews with Native artists
A free Internet reference on materials used in the production and conservation of historic and artistic works
Alaska Native Artists
A regional Native nonprofit to perpetuate and enhance Tlingit, Haida and Tsimshian culture
* Stone Dust
Iroquois art news for the 21st century
Make a paper canoe and decorate it with traditional woodland designs.
 NativeTech: Porcupine Quillwork: The Zig Zag Technique
*Descendants of the Incas
Preserves and celebrates the textiles of the Andes and assist their
*WETA: Home Page 
Experience the culture of Native American potters and weavers
The Imagination Factory
Recycle by making art.
* World Myths and Legends in Art
One of the best museum sites on the web
* Mapuche Weaving: Leonor Manquel
A teacher of the traditional mapuche weaving called witral in mapudungun
Chief's Rattle
Among the Haida (HIGH-da) peoples, rattles in the form of a raven were the exclusive property of high-ranking leaders.
* Sagebrush baskets
The artwork of sagebrush baskets made by the Paiute
Lillian Pitt
World-renowned mask maker and artist
Keeping the game's history alive
A CBC TV clip about the making of traditional, wooden lacrosse sticks
Reservation X
A virtual exhibition of some of America's leading indigenous Indian artists.
Native American Geometry
Native American designs and crafts in with math and geometry.
 Aboriginal Art of Australia.
lots of excellent online examples various styles and applications of this unique artistic style.
Houses important information about digital art.
*Carving a Totem Pole at Skidegate   
Follow the process, beginning with the selection of the timber, through to its final erection
   Honolulu Academy of Arts
Asian and Western art as well as items from Hawaii, Oceania, Africa, and the Americas.
Aboriginal Art
Australian Aboriginal artwork often depicting themes connected with the "dreamtime", and is frequently called "dreamings".
Michif Colouring Book for Children
A coloring book that portrays the Metis people in a true and positive way
Native Women in the Arts
)rganization for First Nations, Metis and Inuit women
USDA Pomological Watercolor Collection
Approximately 175 images of fruit watercolors from the collections of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) National Agricultural Library
Traditional and Contemporary Alaska Native Art
Videos and more feature authentic Native artwork from Alaska Native people.
American Indian Artists, Inc.
Advocates, enhances and promotes continued growth of emerging and established Native artists of the America 
*Corn Spider Webster
Masterworks in beads. Corn Spider is one of the finest bead-artisans in the world.
Black Mesa Weavers for Life and Land
Woven Songs, Woven Prayers

Smithsonian American Art Museum 
Online database
Virtual Kaleidoscope
Create astonishing kaleidoscopes -- online--then send to a friend! 
Little People Greetings.
A collection of greeting pages, with either cards or little stories that children can send.
Pomo Basketweavers 
Watch short video clips about three California Indian Basketweavers.
Red Sky
Red Sky is a dynamic new company that plays a pivotal role in shaping Aboriginal contemporary performance forms.
The Influence of Art on Yellowstone 
Artists Explore and Interpret Yellowstone Park in this electronic field trip.
AMICO: Art Museum Image Consortium
Thumbnail images of over 100,000    digitized works of art, text, and multimedia provided by  a consortium of over 35 art museums around the world.

2002 Great Masters Of Mexican Folk Art 
Displaying more than 500 works of art by 181 of Mexico's greatest living folk artists
The Indigenous Global Art Exchange
View the student artwork from around the world
A Resource on Women's History of Quilting
The history of American quilting including Native American quilting.
American Indian Art from the Pacific Northwest
Who Stole the TeePee
"Who stole the tee pee?" is another way of asking, "What happened to our traditions?"
Tolerating Tourists
"Tourist Pieces" created by American Indians and now considered priceless.
Beyond Smoke and Mirrors
Artwork depicting artist's views of being Native American.
NMAI Native Arts Program
A listing of NMAI fellowship winners, brief bios, and examples of their work. Don't Miss This site.
Best of AIJI 2002
Award Winning Photos Across Indian Nations
An Uncommon Mission: Father Jerome Tupa Paints the California Missions
A online exhibit of paintings of California's Spanish missions with
background information and related resources.
National Heritage Fellowships, 1982-2002
Honoring masters of a particular art form and an artist's contribution to the cumulative heritage of an artistic tradition.
A visual arts program that focuses on Latin American art, culture, education, and social concerns 
Gallery of American Indians 
This commercial site allows visitors to browse rare live-portraits to first-hand depictions of events in the lives of the American Indians.
*Images of Native American Stereotypes
Includes Chief Wahoo, comic book covers, and more.
George Twok Aden Ahgupuk,
Family and friends share the works of George Twok Aden Ahgupuk, Inupiat Eskimo Artist,. An incredible website.
Connections Across Generations: The Avery Collection of American Indian Paintings
Totem Poles
Excellent photos from Classroom Connect
MesoAmerica Crafts and Artifacts
Excellent photos from Classroom Clipart
Native American Prayer
Print out a free poster.
Non-violence is not inaction 
Printable poster of words from Cesar Chavez
Hilili Katsina Doll 
Follow the instructions for a 360 degree view of a Katsina doll/
Pueblo Pottery
Virtual exhibit of Pueblo Pottery from 100 A. D. to the present. 
Woven by the Grandmothers
The rich history of Navajo textiles, interview with a master weaver, and explore a gallery of colorful weavings.
Native Alaskan Graphic Arts: Founding Artists
Featuring works by Robert Mayokok, Florence Nupok Malewotkuk, George Ahgupuk, and James Kivetoruk Moses. Excellent website!
CAS Anthropology--Carvings
Photos and descriptions of Native carvings.

CAS Anthropology--Bead and Leatherwork
Photos and descriptions of Native bead and leatherwork.
NativeTech: Pottery & Clay
Pictures and more step-by-step directions to help in your pottery creation.
Portinari Murals at the Library of Congress 
In 1941, Cândido Portinari, Brazil's foremost painter, created four murals representing the peoples of America in the past 500-year s, 
Rock Art in Arkansas
The rock art of Arkansas a public treasure.
CAS Anthropology--Pottery
Photos and descriptions of Native pottery.
Ts'aa'--The Dine' (Navajo) Ceremonial Basket 
Meaning, style, and use
Traditional Acoma Pottery
Grinding the clay is the hardest part.
FTC's Native arts education program
Learn how to choose authentic Native art.
The Indian Arts and Crafts Board
Promotes the economic development of American Indians and Alaska Natives through the expansion of the Indian arts and crafts market. 
**SLIDE SHOW PHOTO GALLERY of Liberty and Freedom Poles
46 images of the Lummi Nation healing pole near the 911 site in Manhattan
The Metropolitan Museum of Art's Timeline of Art History
The Centre for Indigenous Theatre
The Indian Court Series
Eight posters designed by Louis Siegriest in 1939 illustrated with examples of Native American arts and crafts from diverse tribes. 
A juried collection of Native American artists, and must information about the Native American art world.
Conexus Indian Humor
Humorous and insightful art from National Museum of the American Indian
Native American quilters, fashion designers, and more.
CAS Anthropology--Jewelry and Metal Work
Photos of Native American jewelry across North America
Native Alaskan Masks
A photo gallery.
Snowy Owl and Bobcat at "Back to the Wild". Enjoy the movies!
Native American quilters, fashion designers, and more.

Inuit Arts and Fine Crafts
The harshness of the environment and the limited resources have contributed to the phenomenon of Inuit art.
Skin Sewing 
A photo gallery.

Pre-Columbian Art
Great works of art found in in Central and South America tombs.

Native American Art
From the Detroit Institute of Arts
Canada's First Nations Traditions
Making pemmican, bone snow knives, musical instruments, watercraft, and much more.
www.aboriginalcanada [Click "Kids" button] 
Ice Age Art
An exhibition of Ice Age Art and Symbol. Exceptional images.
Tantalizing Turquoise
Turquoise is only found in dry, barren parts of the world where copper-rich groundwater seeps into cracks in rocks.

Indigenous Americans, from Alaska to Greenland, hunted with sophisticated harpoon points that detached from the shaft while remaining fastened to a hand- held line.

Aztec and Maya people who lived in Mesoamerica, performed mathematical calculations using an abacus made from maize kernels, instead of beads, threaded on strings
Long before contact with Europeans, the Chavin, whose culture arose in the Andes in about 1000 BC invented welding.
"ArtNexus is the leading magazine on Latin American and Hispanic art. More than 100 art experts cover all aspects of art in the Americas."

Porcupine Quillwork: The Parallel or Band Technique
From NativeTech 

 Gathering of Nations Free Screen Savers
Featuring original photos from the 2001 Gathering of Nations Pow Wow. Photos with music incl
Blue Gem, White Metal: Carvings and Jewelry from the C.G. Wallace Collection 
A wide range of exquisite pieces illustrating the quality and diversity of Zuni and Navajo jewelry in the early 20th century.
Totem Pole Restoration
A restoration project enlisted the cooperation of skilled carvers to help recreate the decorative house posts from an Alaskan Native Tribal House.

Mayan Life, Source and Symbol: The Paintings of Nicolás Reanda 
The story of traditional Mayan life in Guatemala, as seen through the eyes of self-taught Tzutujil-Maya painter Nicolás Reanda.
Shonto Begay
Painter and speaker to audiences of all ages, Mr. Begay's art has been shown in more than 50 shows in galleries and museums.

Images of the Maya 
This web exhibit features traditional woven textiles from the highlands of Chiapas.

The Case of the Purloined Pots 
Illegal trade in antiquities ranks as the world's fourth most lucrative illicit business after drugs, guns and money laundering

An Uncommon Mission: Father Jerome Tupa Paints the California Missions
A online exhibit of paintings of California's Spanish missions with background information and related resources.

For the little ones...
Make your own Buffalo Hide paintings
North American Landscapes 
Online exhibition explores the landscapes of North America
Seminole Patchwork
Seminole Patchwork: an animation of how strips are put together.
Art of the Moundbuilders 
The legacy of the moundbuilders lives on, however, in the rich material record, which includes materials like pottery, copper, and shell.
the art of leonard peltier
Native American Crafts
Cornhusk dolls, pinch pots, dream catchers, weaving--modern techniques for ancient crafts.
*Eyes on Ookipik
The fuzzy sealskin owl created by an Inuit woman, Jeannie Snowball, could be a Canadian mascot.
And Woman Wove It in a Basket
For the Klickitat Indians in Oregon, basketweaving is a way of reclaiming native forms and heritage.
Beautiful photos and many designs
Indian Arts and Crafts Act of 1990  
Protecting authentic Native Arts and Crafts
CMCC - Gather Around This Pot
A virtual tour of pre-Columbian  ceramic containers.
Boeda Strand, full-blood Snohomish and Basket weaver.
Kiowa Drawings in the National Anthropological Archives 
Works on buffalo hide and paper from the Smithsonian
The Mathematics of Seminole Patchwork
 The patterns and stories that go with them.
Kiowa Drawings in the National Anthropological Archives
Enjoy a wide selection of Kiowa Drawings and 20th century Native American art.

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