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"A warrior who had more than he needed would make a feast. He went around and invited the old and needy. . . The man who could thank the food—some worthy old medicine man or warrior—said, ". . . . look to the old, they are worthy of old age; they have seen their days and proven themselves. With the help of the Great Spirit, they have attained a ripe old age. At this age the old can predict or give knowledge or wisdom, whatever it is; it is so."      Black Elk, Oglala Sioux holy man

Photo above taken with the Hubble Telescope. NASA calls it "The Eye of God."

**Tecumseh and Brock and the War of 1812
Watch the presentation by James Laxer


Choctaw Code Talkers
Transports viewers back to World War I to remember these Native Heroes.

**The Last Living Speaker of Wichita
The NPR Interview (2008) with Doris McLemore, who passed away in October 2016

Speech by Powhattan
As recorded by John Smith

**Billy Frank Day Curriculum
Educational resources about the life and accomplishments of Billy Frank Jr. and his fight for the salmon and treaties

**Speaking My Blood by Leonard Peltier
Download the new book in its entirety for free, thanks to Leonard and Harvey Arden!

*The Constitution of the Iroquois Nations around 1500

The model used by American delegates forming the new government for today's United States.

**Interview with Veronica Taylor
Taylor speaks about unique aspects of Nez Perce life, tribal customs, and the impact of radiation on the the earth, wildlife, and the people.

**Way of the Warrior
A film that examines the bravery of Native-American armed service veterans and how they adapted to difficult post-war personal and societal conditions.

**Booming Out
The Mohawk Ironworkers who built New York.

The Pocahontas Archive
A vast online archive about Pocahontas and the events/lifestyle of her life.**My Stand in the Game of Life
An interview with Indigenous elder, Abuelo Suaga Gua

**The 2015 50 Faces of Indian Country
Read the magazine!

**Voices of Our Ancestors
A video from the Smithsonian Museum of Natural history

**Gen-I Network Map
A map of impactful Native programs and youth leaders creating positive change across Indian Country.

*Native Aging Visions
A resource for Native elders, Summer 2015 edition

**Tomorrow's Ancestors Speak
Carrying the voices that awaken humanity

**Interview with Russell Jim
The Yakama Nation member discusses the impact of the Manhattan Project on the Yakima people

**My Mother, the First Native American Super Model 
Learn about Native American supermodel, Cathee Dahmen

One of the first Native American women to publish traditional stories derived from oral tribal legend

**Authors Tell Untold Story Of Sioux Warrior Red Cloud
A new biography chronicles the extraordinary life of the Sioux warrior Red Cloud.

Looking to the Future: The Life and Legacy of Senator Inouye
Honors one of history's greatest advocates for Native people—Senator Daniel K. Inouye

**Honoring the Men in our Lives
Several videos from Chickasaw TV

**Where the Salmon Run: The Life and Legacy of Billy Frank Jr.
 "I tell my people to get ready. Get your smokehouses back in shape. Don't forget the ceremonies. That guy, the salmon, he's coming back."

**Travel Back in Time to Meet Kateri Tekakwitha, the First Native Saint
Watch the online video

**Geronimo's Story of His Life
Read for free online. Wonderful book and photos

Native Words, Native Warriors
During WWI and WWII, hundred of American Indians joined the U.S. armed forces and used their traditional tribal languages as weapons.

**Native American Women Warriors Official Honor Song

**Native Youth Leadership Alliance
An interactive website to link members and profiles

*We Hold the Rock
Commemorating the 1969-71 occupation of Alcatraz island by Native American activists known as Indians of All Tribes.

**We Are Still Here: 40 Years of AIM in Photographs

*Buffy St-Marie
An interview conducted by international youth.

**Native Wisdom
John Trudell and Elder Red Crow speak.

**The Pontiac Council and Pontiac's War

**Creating Links Between Elders and Youth 
Discover ways to bring these two back together for the benefit of our communities

**Cobell Settlement Video
Thanks to Elouise Cobell, Native peoples will receive mismanaged funds by the U.S. government

**Native Daughters
A collection of stories, profiles and multimedia projects about a diverse group of Native American women

**First Warrior
Documenting the Images and Legends of America's Forgotten War Veterans

**Help a Student Help a Tribe--2012
How tribal college students help their tribes.

**Mary Jemison / Dehgewanus
Indian Captivity Narrative

**The Day of the Apology
June 11, 2008: the day the Canadian Government issued an apology for the Indian Residential Schools system.

Leadership in Alaska Student Worksheet

**The Ballad of Crowfoot
Film examines Aboriginal people in North America through Crowfoot, the legendary 19th-century Blackfoot leader

*The Red Alarm Clock Story
Spoken words of "thank you" by Ernie Paniccioli, American Indian famed Hip-Hop photographer

**Three Alaska Native Leaders
Apanuugpak, Ekeuhnick, and  Elizabeth Peratrovich

**Peace Makers / The 13 Indigenous Grandmothers Council
An beautiful tribute to the Grandmothers

**Ka'ianaa'ahu'ulu: A Leader of Hawai'i
Learn the story of Ka’ianaa’ahu’ula, one of Kamehameha I’s most trusted advisors.

**Incident at Oglala: The Leonard Peltier Story
Watch, for free, the film by Robert Redford about Leonard Peltier's role during the shootout at Pine Ridge in 1975.

**Joseph Brant Letter
Written by a prominent leader of the Iroquois Confederacy.

**UNA Reclaims Mount Rushmore - 1970
Watch national news videos about the United Native America takeover of Mount Rushmore.

*Mann: An extraordinary journey in education
An article by Henreitta Mann (Cheyenne,) an extraordinary educator.

**Tecumseh's Vision
From "We Shall Remain", the acclaimed, April 2009 PBS series
View Episode online:

 **Queen Aliquippa
Native American Leader

**Pre Columbian Women
Introduces these women and guides readers to  select writings and other websites

**Suzanne Big Crow
Outstanding young Oglala athlete and tribal member whose continues to inspire us despite her early passing.

**The Vision of TailFeather Woman

From "We Shall Remain", the acclaimed 2009 PBS series
View Episode online:

Alanis Obomsawin the activist
A film from CBC about the courage and determination of an Abenaki woman.

**Celebrating Tribal Nations
 Suzan Shown Harjo delivered the keynote address for the Library of Congress's Native American Heritage Month.

 ** Grandfather Martin Gashweseoma
Wisdoms from one of the last remaining traditional elders of the Hopi tribe

Queen Anne of the Pamunkey
The Year: 1675

Queen Weetamoo
Sachem of the Wampanoag

**Kuwoot yas.ein: His Spirit Is Looking Out from the Cave   
Online video: The discovery of 10,000 year old human remains in Alaska that give strong evidence of early human coastal migration into the Americas.

**Remembering Our Heros
FirsFirst Nation Soldiers who have been witness to many battles fought for our freedom.

**Native Words, Native Warriors
An interactive program about how American Indian code talkers used their tribal languages to continue the warrior tradition during World Wars I and II.

**Tecumseh: Uniting and Dividing the Native American Nation
Educational Slideshow created by students

**Melting the Ice in the Hearts of Man
Teaching from the Eskimo-Kalaalli, a peaceful culture thousands of years old that has never known war

**American Indian Army Nurses
Native American women who served with the military during the Spanish-American war

**Good Enough for Two
Words of peace from Algonquin Elder, William Commanda
**United Nations Seventh Generation Fund
Videos and audios from indigenous leaders from across the world.

 **Monacan Voices: True History of First Contact & the Paper Genocide of Virginia Indians
 A radio interview with the Monacan Nation of Virginia regarding first European contact with the Virginia Indians.

Quiet Desperation
Words by Albert White Hat of the Lakota Nation.

**The Iwo Jima Flag-Raising in 3-D  
Features two types of 3-dimensional views:  photos  videos, and a slideshow.

Juan Caballo
A Black Seminole warrior, diplomat, and civil leader

**Fairness Fighters
Fairness fighters are ordinary people who stand up for what they believe is right.

**A Son of the Forest
The 1829 Autobiography of William Apes

**The Origins of the Maori King Movement
Honors Maori Queen, Te Arikinui Dame Te Atairangikaahu, who reigned in New Zealand until her death in 2006.

Kateri Tekakwitha
Native American Roman Catholic Nun

Marguerite Kanenstenhawi / Eunice Williams
Captured at the Deerfield Massacre

The Official Site of Will Rogers
  Official site for this actor, author, humorist, who has ties to the Cherokee Nation.

Coming Together; Changing the World:
Celebrating 30 Visionary Women of the Women's Global Green Action Network

**If I Live to Be 100: Lessons From the Centenarians   
Find "profiles of most of the centenarians featured, see their photographs, and hear them speak."

*Defend Bear Butte!
A video montage of the heroes protecting Bear Butte during 2006 Gathering of Nations.

Building Indigenous Leaders
Audio Conference

The Oka Crisis 
In 1990, all eyes were on the small town of Oka for a showdown between native people, Quebec police and Canadian army.

Deloria Honor Audio
From the National Indian Education Association, a tribute to Vine Deloria, Jr.

**Canasatego, Onondaga Chief
Speech, (July 4, 1744): "We Will Make Men of Them"

Dennis Banks
An online audio speech by Dennis Banks about the movie, Alcatraz.

Tribal President Cecelia Fire Thunder Speaks
Video: The Lakota Leaders invokes tribal sovereignty to protect her tribe's rights and health.

**Honor with Action
A video honoring Native American veterans

**Prince Jonah Kuhio Kalanianaole
Prince of the reigning House of Kalakaua when the Kingdom of Hawaii was overthrown in 1893

Dan Rosen
Native Movement Organizer Dan Brower receives "2005 Brower Youth Award" in this  5-minute video.

**American Indian Women's Activism in the 1960s and 1970s
Native women at the occupation of Alcatraz Island, the Fish-in movement, and the occupation at Wounded Knee

*Lenape Chief Buckongahelas: Address to Christian Native Americans
Audio recreation of Chief Buckongahelas speech delivered in 1781, Gnadenhutten, OH

**The Adopt-A-Native-Elder Program 
The Adopt-A-Native-Elder Program exists to create a bridge of hope between Native Americans and other cultures.The Program supports the traditional Elders of The Dine' People, most of whom live in remote areas of the Dine's (Navajo) reservation

**Filomene Blacksmith and Roselyn Jumping Bull Lakota
The grandmother stalk about their people and culture.

**Interviews with Arviat Elders
Preserving  Inuit heritage through their sharing of traditional wisdom, historical events and personal stories.

**National Native American Veterans Association
To  educate and assist Native American Veterans

** Native Americans in the Military
Keeping America's forces informed

1100 hours of original oral history recordings of some 343 people, including American Indians,

** Audio Interview with Christine Scillens
Christine Scillens is a Teton Sioux woman who joined the Army Nurses Corps during WWII

** The International Day of Indigenous Women
A celebration of heroic native women

** The Florida Folklife Collection [Real Player]
A brief history of nine major Seminole leaders

** Wampanoag Messages
Audio recordings from several Wampanoag tribal members\

**Chief Logan - 1774 Address on Indian-White relations...
Audio recreation of Chief Logan's speech delivered in 1774, [Point Pleasant] Ohio Territory

Seneca Chief Red Jacket: Address to White Missionaries and Iroquois Six Nations
Delivered 1805, Buffalo Grove, New York

Creek Chief Red Eagle: Address to General Andrew Jackson 
Audio recreation of speech delivered in 1814, at Fort Jackson, in what is now Alabama

**A Native American Scoops Lewis and Clark
Journal reports about Moncacht-apé, Yazoo, who crossed the country long before Lewis and Clark.

** Chief Tecumseh - Address to William Henry ...
Audio recreation of a speech, circa 1810, given at Vincennes in the Indiana Territory

**Chief Powhatan - Address to Captain John Smith
Audio recreation of 1609 Speech

**Native Women: Politics
Video clip of some of Canada's finest Aboriginal women.

**Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall Page
Names can be searched by name, home, military branch, age, service #, rank, birthdate, or other information

**Kamehameha Day Celebration
Information about Kamehameha Day (June 11), which celebrates the birth of Kamehameha I (Kamehameha the Great).

Famous Native American Indian Chiefs, Warriors and Schamanes
Information leading to over 100 American Indian leaders

*49th Session of the Commission on the Status of Women
60 indigenous women from across the world participated at the 49th Session of the Commission on the Status of Women

*Veterans Reports and News
A special page listing Native American Veterans websites, and more.

Phil Fontaine: Native Diplomat
Series of film clips about Phil Fontaine, a dominant force in native politics since the 1970s
*Mumbai Manifesto
Focuses on equality and connectedness among past and present cultures of the world.

Vietnam Virtually Wall
An interactive memorial site to locate and view names of those who fell.

*Native American Women Veterans

*Dictionary of Canadian Biography Online
Source of brief and informative profiles of important people in Canadian history from 1000 -1930

*Red Cloud (1822-1909)

*Buffy Saint Marie
Audio clips, song lyrics, art and links to Sainte-Marie's nonprofit Native
   American education foundation

* Reminiscences of Tecumseh's Youth
Original journal written by Steven Ruddell

 *Interesting Representative of a Vanishing Race
Published July, 1896, pictures, information, and words from Simon Pokagon, Pottawatomi chief.

**Mayan Majix
Transcript of Feet to the Fire--Interview of Ian Xel Lungold

**The Genius of Sequoyah
Writings about Sequoyah, the much-honored creator of the Cherokee syllabary

**Veterans History Project
A project to "collect and preserve audio- and video-taped oral   histories, documents   photographs, and home movies, of America's war veterans.

*Maya Elders observations on The Fifth World

**Roberto Mucaro Borrero
Roberto Múcaro Borrero is one of only a handful of actual Taíno descendants in the world who are considered leading authorities on ancient Taíno Indian culture.

* Honoring Youth and Elders

*10 best Native Actors of All Time
Compiled by actor and journalist Roscoe Pond

*Interview with Wahleah Johns and Lilian Hill
From the Black Mesa Water Coalition
*Mayan Elder and Day Keeper Hunbatz Men
Walk through this time of the Emergence, and how the MayanSpiritual Elders look at the much publicized date of December 21, 2012.

Crazy Horse Memorial
The mountain carving of Crazy Horse, and] the Indian Museum of North America."

Crazy Horse, Tashunca-uitco (1849-1877)
Biography of the "visionary leader committed to preserving the   traditions and values of the Lakota [Indian] way of life

*Pele, Brazilian Soccer Star
A short viedo of one of the greratest soccer stars of all time.

*Quanah Parker
The last Chief of the Commanches who never lost a battle to the white man.

*Thunder Rolling Down the Mountain
Chief Joseph Surrenders October 5, 1877

*The Tribes Need Heroes--Where Are They Today?
A Discussion in Cyberspace

*Against All Odds, Goldman Prize Winners Protect the Earth
Gwich'in tribal leaders Jonathon Solomon and Sarah James fight against President Bush and Arctic drilling.

*Indian Heroes and Great Chieftains
By Charles Eastman...the entire book online

*Shadow wolves
  world's best trackers pursue
smugglers along a remote stretch of the U.S.-Mexico border

*Wambli Ho, Voice of the Eagles
To promote healing of the Sacred Hoop through education, support, and assistance

*Georges Erasmus: Native Rights Crusader
TV and radio clips about the Dene Nation leader who's devoted his life to the rights of Canada's Indigenous Peoples.

* First Nations' Orphan Association
Unites First Nations adoptees, fostered individuals and their families with
professionals, other adoptees, community spiritual leaders and traditional elders.

* Elder Wisdom
N. Scott Momaday shares narrative, storytelling and poetry and a reading of the Navajo Night Chant.

Joanne Shenandoah
An interview regarding her family's sharing of Iroquois prophesy at the United Nations and about important musical traditions among her people.

Tanana Chiefs Conference
The traditional tribal consortium of the 42 villages of Interior Alaska

* Iroquois and Micmac prophesy
Iroquois and Micmac prophesy told at the UN by the late Onondaga Chief Leon Shenandoah

 * Cesar Chavez Day
    Celebrated on March 31st, this California state holiday honors the life and work of Latino labor leader Cesar E. Chavez

* Spiritual Elders of Mother Earth
Uniting with one voice for our survival and the survival of future generations.

Faces of Valor
A photo tribute to the men and women of Operatiion Iraqui Freedom

1990 Oka Crisis
Video clips from the 1990 Oka Crisis in Canada that put Native land rights into the world spotlight.

Hear the last known interview of ANNA MAE AQUASH PICTOU, recorded six days before she disappeared.

Miss NCAI 2004, Cheryl V. Dixon  Profiles  Miss NCAI

American Indian Heritage Month
A time to honor our veterans

The Peltier Events September 2003: A Report of Impressions and Photographs

About Mabel Washbourne Anderson

Snapshots and brief bios of of Vanessa Shortbull,  Dean Bear Claw, and more. 

 * Cesar Chavez Day
    Celebrated on March 31st, this California state holiday honors the life and work of Latino labor leader Cesar E. Chavez

* Spiritual Elders of Mother Earth
Uniting with one voice for our survival and the survival of future generations.

Faces of Valor
A photo tribute to the men and women of Operatiion Iraqui Freedom

1990 Oka Crisis
Video clips from the 1990 Oka Crisis in Canada that put Native land rights into the world spotlight.

Hear the last known interview of ANNA MAE AQUASH PICTOU, recorded six days before she disappeared.

Miss NCAI 2004, Cheryl V. Dixon  Profiles  Miss NCAI

American Indian Heritage Month
A time to honor our veterans
The Peltier Events September 2003: A Report of Impressions and Photographs

About Mabel Washbourne Anderson

Sayings of Chief Joseph



Mary Musgrove - Notable Women Ancestor 

*A Man of Influence: Letters Related to Dr. Oronhyatekha
To escape the control of missionaries and government officials, Dr. Oronhyatekha cultivated a network of people outside of the influence of the Depart
ment of Indian

**Tecumseh and Brock and the War of 1812
Watch the presentation by James Laxer

Nahkohenexahe: The Remarkable Story of Henry Littlewhiteman
As Told by Eugene Limpy

Champions for Change Webinars Now On-Demand
 "Becoming Champions" and  "Writing Strong Recommendations" helps Native youth with their "Champions for Change" applications.

**Amnesty International to Obama: Free Leonard Peltier
“...the prosecution has conceded the lack of any direct evidence that you personally participated in the executions of two FBI agents.”

US Parole Commiss
ion to Leonard Peltier

**Tribal Leaders Directory Map
An electronic searchable map of up to date contacts for the nation's 567 federally recognized

*The Native American Movement

Tarzan Brown, The Naragansett Indian Who Twice Won The Boston Marathon
The annual Tarzan Brown Mystic River Run in Mystic, Conn., has been run every year since 1975 in his honor.

**Elizabeth Wanamaker Peratrovich (1911-1958)
From the National Women's History Museum: Elizabeth Wanamaker Peratrovich, Tlingit

Impossible Dream
A tribute to Native American Veterans

Telling Our Giving Stories: Native Philanthropy and Community Development
From the First Nations Development Institute

2015 International Youth Day AT The United Nation
Governments agree on a bold new sustainable development vision that will transform our world by 2030. Today's young people can help

**Zona Loans Arrow
Zona tells the story of her great grandmother who was captured by the Blood Band of the Blackfeet Nation.

**Native American Fatherhood and Families Association

**Seminole Indians Scouts Cemetery

**Navajo Code Talker's Marine Hymn
Navajo Code Talker Joe Kellwood sings the Marine hynn n the Navajo Lanaguage

**Interview with Frank Buck
 At the time of this interview, the Wanapum Tribe numbered two full-blooded survivors. Frank was one.

**Red Crow: Native American Prophecy

**Youth Entrepreneur Project at Oneida Nation, Wisconsin
Oneida high school students conceive, plan, produce and market their “Very Berry Trail Mix” product. it

Our Warrior Spirit: Native Americans in the U.S. Military
Native veterans share their heroic and unforgettable stories of service in conflicts

**Indians at Brompton
In the Civil War clash at the Wilderness of Spotsylvania County, both sides had Native Americans on the firing line.

Provides economic, educational, rehabilitative and religious support for AI/AN and other indigenous prisoners in the Pacific Northwest and throughout the U.S.

Discovering Our Story Television
From Wisdom of the Elders: watch all shows online for free!

Timeline: The life of Billy Frank Jr. (1931-2014)

American Indian Leadership: Strengthening Native Communities and Organizations
An historical perspective of Native American leadership styles

**Where Words Touch The Earth
Tribal College students interview Native Elders and others for their perspectives on climate change and its effects on their communities.

Identify Cultural Influences - Hiawatha
Students identify aspects of Native American life represented in the poem Hiawatha.

**Choctaw Code Talkers
View the clip from Vision Maker Media

**Native Aging Visions
A Resource for Native Elders

**We Are Indian
Youth speak of their California Native heritage

*Jim Thorpe: The World's Greatest Athlete
Watch the archived webcast from the Smithsonian's NMAI

An interactive game challenging students to role play former UN General Secretary Kofi Annan.

Jim Thorpe: Rest in Peace
Information about efforts to return Thorpe's body to the Sac and Fox Nation for reburial.

/**Wallace Black Elk
Wallace Black Elk, Lakota Sioux, talks about the Lakota Nation.

**Edna Gordon Speaks Out
Words from the Seneca Hawk Elder

**Heroes of the War of 1812
Tecumseh, Shawnee; Teyoninhokarawen, Six Nations Dekarihokenh, Mohawk; and Matthew Elliott, British Indian Department Superintendent,

**Michikinikwa (Little Turtle)
The Miami leader who led united tribes in St. Clair's Defeat, the worst defeat of an American Army on U.S. soil.

**Modoc Basket
Watch History Detective program about a Modoc basket made by Toby Riddle, a heroine in the Modoc War.

**Shawls For Grandmas
Makin**Making and giving shawls for our elders to thank them gifting us with their wisdom, stories, and presence.

**Death and Burial Of Crazy Horse
Floyd Clown and Don Red Thunder, great grandsons of Crazy Horse, recount the death and burial of Crazy Horse

** Official Site of the Navajo Codetalkers
A small band of Navajo warriors created an unbreakable code from their ancient language and changed the course of modern history.

*No Arms. No Legs. No Worries
Don't Miss: Nick Vujicic shares his amazing spirit for life in this deeply moving video that humbles us and makes us grateful for what we have.

**Challenges Facing 21st Century Indigenous People Video
By the late Wilma Mankiller, a world respected leader and

**The Power of One
Each of us has the power to make profound changes to better or world.

**A different view of Jim Thorpe
An online video about the Jim Thorpe you may NOT know!

**They Ride for Our Future
Oglala Lakota youth and the Crazy Horse Ride. Produced by KOLC-TV of Oglala Lakota College

**Angaangaq Angakkorsuaq
Listen to an elder from o the Kalaallit Eskimo tribe

**Tommy Prince
Canada's most decorated aboriginal war hero

**Listen to a Navajo Codetalker Original Tape

Mary Musgrove Bosomworth
Queen of the Creek?

Mashalisk: Chief of the Pocumtuck
The Year: 1672

Molly Ockett
Abenaki Healing Woman

Nanyehi Nancy Ward
Beloved Woman of the Cherokee

Queen of the Pamunkey

**Inventory of the National Indian Youth Council Records, 1935-2000
Contains the records of the National Indian Youth Council.

**Aztec Ruler MoNtezuma II
An online exhibit from the British Museum

An interview.

Interview Transcript Chiefs and Leaders George Horse Capture
Interview with George Horse Capture about interperting artifacts.

**Techqua Ikachi: Aboriginal Warning
Online video dedicated to the Hopi Elders.

**Listening to our Past
View photos and listen to the stories and wisdom of the elders.

**Living Voices
Many interviews with Native elders from the National Museum of the American Indian

**Po'pay, A True American Hero
Leader of the First American Revolution

**Grandfather Martin Gashweseoma
Wisdoms from one of the last remaining traditional elders of the Hopi tribe

Techqua Ikachi: Aboriginal Warning
Online video dedicated to the Hopi Elders.

**Native Words, Native Warriors
The NMAI Honors Native American Code Talkers from many tribes

**Severn Suzuki Speaks
Before a touched --and chastised -- United Nations, this amazing 12-year-old Vancouver girl confronts adults about their disregard  for youth and Planet Earth.

Oglala Commeration, 2007
Remembering a day of disgrace in U.S. history

David Swallow
Watch an interview with David Swallow, Lakota Spiritual Leader and Sundance chief.

Charlene Teters
Spokane Nation artist, writer, advocate.

Read or listen to a speech by Oren Lyons recorded in a public forum.

used Pocahontas Myth
From the Powhatan Renape Nation

used Pocahontas
From Virtual Jamestown
Woman Spirit 
Powhatan favored Matowaka greatly, and his pet name for her was "pakahantes" which means "my favorite daughter".

Hobnob with the Navajo Code Talkers 

Century Warriors: Native American Participation in the United States Military

used Georges Erasmus: Native Rights Crusader 
Georges Erasmus has a dream: self-government for the native peoples of Canada.

Aaron Running Hawk
Audio words from a Pine Ridge elder

National Asian  Pacific American Women's Forum 
Building social and economic justice and political  empowerment for Asian and Pacific American women and girls

The crowning of Amelia Vega as Miss Universe brought Dominicans into the spotlight, but what
message is it sending to girls? 


Native American: Civilizing the Native American 
An Indian Mission sent to Washington, D. C. under Chief Ouray

Leonard Peltier Defense Committee--New Website

United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues

On January 31, 2003, Tex G. Hall, President of National Congress of American Indians gave the first ever "State of the INDIAN Nations" 
Watch it: (search "Indian") or 
Read it:


Statement by Chief Arvol Looking Horse on the Protection of Bear Butte Sacred Site

Isabel Bradby Brown
Video at Virginia's Pamunkey Reservation with elder Isabel Bradby Brown.

Status of Aboriginal women 
Broadcast May 3, 1968
At the Commission hearing in Regina, an impassioned speech on the status of aboriginal women unexpectedly moves the crowd to tears.

 Keeping his promise: The Pope travels North 
Broadcast Sep. 20, 1987. John Paul II visits Fort Simpson..

Jimmy Carter's Nobel Peace Prize Lecture

The Print of My Ancestors’ Houses are Every Where to be Seen”: Little Turtle Balks at Giving Up Land to General Anthony Wayne, 1795

Our Hearts are Sickened”: Letter from Chief John Ross of the Cherokee, Georgia, 1836

Red Jacket Defends Native American Religion, 1805 

Black Hawk Remembers Village Life Along the Mississippi

The War for Independence Through Seneca Eyes
 Mary Jemison Views the Revolution, 1775-179I

So Must We Be One..., Otherwise We Shall Be All Gone Shortly”
Narragansett Chief Miantonomi  Tries to Form an Alliance Against Settlers in New England and Long Island in the 1640s.

I Believe It Is Because I Am a Poor Indian”: 
Samsom Occom’s Life as an Indian Minister 

Interview with Nathan Chasing Horse
A Spiritual Lakota Man

We are at the Crossroads
Messages to help heal the heart and mind.

American Indian Heritage Center
Honoring Natives in the Armed Forces.

Code Talkers, America's Secret Weapon
How the Navajo and Choctaw Languages Scrambled Secret Military Communications

Booming Out
Mohawk Ironworkers Build New York

Ben Black Elk Speaks
Never before heard historical account of Black Elk's son recorded on a CD

A 1938-39 autoboigraphy with a canoe maker living on the Penebscot reservation.

“What Can You Get By Warre” Powhatan Exchanges Views With Captain John Smith, 1608

Metacom Relates Indian Complaints about the English Settlers, 1675 
Metacom or King Philip, leader of the Wampanoags near Plymouth colony, led many Indians into a widespread revolt against the colonists in 1675 

European Invasion
“All Over the Land Nothing Else Was Spoken Of ”: Cabeza de Vaca Takes Up Residence as a Medicine Man in the Southwest, 1530s

GAMES AND SPORTSUnion of British Columbia Indian Chiefs
Supports the work of aboriginal people in their common fight for their rights and respect for our cultures and societies.

Elders--Language, Heritage, and Culture
Includes 0ral narratives, elders teachings, honoring Canada's Aboriginal war veterans

Our Elders
Interviews with Saskatchewan Elders
 [Click "Kids" button] 

Interview with Roberta Jamieson, Six Nations elected chief

The Long Walk of Nelson Mandela
The story of a revolutionary turned president told through recollections from friends, allies, adversaries and his fellow prisoners.

Kateri, Our Sister
Kateri Tekakwitha, a Mohawk Indian woman now regarded as a saint by her followers.

American Indian Movement from American Memory
Warriors who help and protect their people.

Congressional Gold Medal Ceremony 
Photos from the official July 26, 2001 ceremony honoring the Navajo Codetalkers

The Wood Buffalo Native Youth Movement 
An aboriginal youth group promoting unity among all Aboriginal youth to make changes for the betterment of our people as a whole."

Resembling a doorway, the tupqujakwas where the shaman could pass from the earthly to the spiritual landscape."

e United Nations Special Session on Children
Videos, pictures, text, and full documents about this unprecidented meeting among children, organizations, and world leaders.

The Code of Handsome Lake, the Seneca Prophet

Elizabeth Catherine Montour
The Year: 1727

Marie Rouensa Aco Philippe
Illinois Native American Woman

One of the best-known authorities of her time on American Indian art and culture.

Don Valerio Cohaila 
Don Valerio, an Aymara from Tacna, Peru, and is a teacher of this ancient wisdom. Video.

The Lewis and Clark Rediscovery Project: 
5/12 hours of recorded hisory from the Nez Perce

Story of Honour and Heroism
Thomas George Prince, Canada's most decorated aboriginal war hero

Leon Shenandoah, 
A tribute to the Fire Keeper for the Haudenosaunee 1915-1996

The Life and Words of Chief Arvol Looking Horse, Keeper of the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe of the Lakota, Dakota, Nakota Nation of the Sioux.

 Sacajawea: Teen Interpreter
How was it that a 16-year-old Shoshone teenager ended up on one of the most successful explorations in recorded history?

Wisdom of the Elders Inc.
Dedicated to Native American culture preservation, education, and racial reconciliation...

aDonna Harris
LaDonna Harris, Comanche, is one of the most influential, inspired, and determined Native Americans in politics

Countering Colonization: Native American Women and Great Lakes Missions, 1630-1900.

Iron Eyes Cody 
Iron Eyes Cody, the "Crying Indian" became the symbol for the anti-littering campaign. Read his obituary.

Mary Louise Defender Wilson
Creating a Cultural Bridge Between Generations
In the Words of Elders: Aboriginal Cultures in Transition
an unprecedented 'look from the inside' at the Aboriginal cultural situation across Canada

Honoring Nations Awards
Harvard University's awards program that honors outstanding examples of tribal government.

Elizabeth Peratrovich
A recollection of an Tlinget Civil Rights Leader

Centuries ago, the Iroquois nations found a way to establish peace and unity among themselves.

Ella Cara Deloria
As Ella wrote, "The ultimate aim of Dakota life was quite simple: . . . One must be a good relative."

Ward, Nancy
Cherokee leader "Agi-ga-u-e," or "Beloved Woman"

Brant, Mary
(1736?-1796), Mohawk Native American leader

Navajo Code Talkers
WorldWar II Fact Sheet

Native Americans serving our country: American Forces Information Service
Native American Indian Heritage Month

Treaty One
Elders Teachings

National Congress of American Indians
The National Congress of American Indians was founded in 1944 and is the oldest and largest tribal government organization in the United States

Mary Jemison
1743-1833, Indian Captive

 Tlingit Elders Traditional Education Checklist
What are the most important things in Tlingit tradition that a person needs to know to be well educated in the tradition, and where should that person learn them?

From 1850 until his death in 1890, Sitting Bull symbolized the conflict between settlers and native American culture over lifestyles, land, and resources

A Public Forum by the Elders Society of the Cherokee Nation
Native American Roots, Once Hidden, Now Embraced

Everett Soop

Tribute To Tiradentes (Joaquim José da Silva Xavier)

Bertrude Barcelo 1800-1852 To Emiliano Zapata 

 The Untold Story of Minnijean Brown Trickey

 Inuit Traditional Knowledge

 Native American Wisdom

Maria Elena Moyano

"Bringing the Elders to the World...and the World to the Elders"

Sarah Winnemucca 1844-1891
Paiute Indian leader protests conditions on Indian reservations

The Real Pocahontas
Learn more real truths about the cartoon and the legend.

Native Americans in the U.S. Military

 Rachel Ste-re-han Agoyo, Conchiti Pueblo~

White Swan, Yanktona Sioux Great Bear, Delaware

Louis Riel

Liliuoikalani 1838-1897
Queen of Hawaii

Thoughts, ideas, and words of traditional Native American People.
Voices of the Wintercount 

1805 document of a speech by Seneca leader Red Jacket.


Thomas Banyacya Hopi Traditional Elder

Kitsap County History 

Kanagagota -

Joseph Brant 


Red Cloud

Pomp -
The True Story of the Baby on the Sacagawea Dollar 

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