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Tundra blanket toss
Pen and Ink on Seal Skin)
by George Twok Aden Ahgupuk, Inupiat

“ Don’t listen to peers who say you can’t do what you want to do. If you fail at something, just pick yourself up and try again. That’s what I did.”  Milton Paddlety, Kiowa


**Shredding Stereotypes with the Longboard Girls Crew
An international community that supports and promotes women in action sports.

**Between a Tomahawk and a Hard Place
Indian mascots and the NCAA

The Map of Play
A community generated guide to playspaces across the country.

I Am Yup'ik
Video of a 16-year-old Alaskan Native who leaves his tiny village to compete in a basketball tournament hundreds of miles across the frozen tundra. Lesson plans included.

**The Medicine Game: Four Brothers, One Dream
Four videos about the Thompson brothers whose aboriginal heritage and upbringing fostered two of the top college lacrosse players of all-time.

**“This Is the Indigenous”: Scenes and Insights from the World Indigenous Games
Read the stories and view the slideshow

The Name Game
Sometimes the common name of a species can be deceiving.

**World Indigenous Games 2015
View the events that took place in Brazil

**Playground of the Native Son
A true football shocker: In 1927, the Hominy Indian team from Oklahoma beats the world champion New York Giants 13-6.

**Ice Hockey Begins To Take Shape
Ice hockey in Indian Country in the 1600s.

**Never Alone (Kisima Ingitchuna)
Explores the remarkable cultural heritage and mythology of the Iñupiat.

**Jim Thorpe: World's Greatest Athlete
From the Smithsonian: a fascinating presentation on the life of famed Native American athlete Jim Thorpe

The ancient version of Choctaw stickball.

**The history of Lacrosse in 60 seconds

**Game Changers: 12 Native Athletes Who Made History
First Americans of the past century who raised the bar in track, football, baseball, basketball and lacrosse.

**The Redskins' Name -- Catching Racism
Watch the full length episode of the DailyShow with Jon Stewart.

**Myammi Games
 Traditional games of the Myammi Nation

*Oneida Lacrosse Program
Focuses on teaching basic fundamentals and keeping youth connect to their game.

**Missing The Point
The Real Impact of Native Mascots and Team Names on American Indian and Alaska Native Youth

**Ramp It Up: Skateboard Culture in Native America
This video celebrates the vibrancy, creativity, and controversy of American Indian skate culture

Summary of the APA Resolution Recommending Retirement of American Indian Mascots
The use of American Indian mascots, symbols, images, and personalities has a negative effect on not only American Indians students but all students.

Rez Hood
A music video of the underdog defeating the basketball champ on the New Credit First nation.

**Games of the North
Watch Online: Four Inuit athletes reveal their unique relationship to the games as they compete across the North'

**Science and Engineering of the 2014 Olympic Winter Games

**North American Games before 1500

**Shutterbugs: Wiggle and Stomp
For children, ages 3–5, to learn how to describe movement and motion. From the Smithsonian

**AAIA Native Game Language Program
Find free games and learning resources in the Dakotah language!

**NationTalk : North American Indigenous Games
Shared by Canada's Premier Aboriginal newswire

**Kahnawà:ke Minor Hockey Skates with NHL Players

**Ranger Rick's Kids Games
LOTS of fun from the National Wildlife Federation!

**Labrador Winter Games
One of the premier sporting and cultural events for all of Newfoundland and Labrador

*Copse and robbers
A body has been found.  Inspect the crime scene and find the clues to reveal the killer’s true identity.

*Little Native Hockey League
The LNHL yearly tournament has grown to over 110 teams and 2000 players

Educational games and puzzles about habitats, animal survival and animal life stages.

**What is GEN7?
Encourages Aboriginal youth to live active, healthy lifestyles through sport, physical activity, and other means

**SunWatch Indian Village Circa 1200 AD
Learn about life in Ohio's Sunwatch Village 1,000 years ago!

*Woodland Indian Cut-Outs, Illustrations, and more

**Aboriginal Sport Circle of Canada
Canada’s national voice for Aboriginal sport, which brings together the interests of First Nations, Inuit and Metis peoples.

**First Nation Snowboard Team
Dedicated to the development of First Nation snowboard athletes

**Presidential Active Lifestyle Award (PALA)
For native youth. Sign up. In 6 short weeks, you’ll be more active, feel better, and you could win an award!

**Inuit (Eskimo) Games

**Interview with Joba Chamberlain
The New York Yankees' pitcher talks about his Winnebago heritage.

Watch this award winning film --for free -- about Wyoming Indian High School basketball.

**Birch Bark Ball and Triangle Game
A traditional toy used by Penobscot children

**Great American Foot Race 
In 1928 Andy Payne, a 20 year-old Cherokee, won the Great American Footrace, running 3,422  miles from Los Angeles to New York.

Morph yourself backward in time

**I Am Not a Mascot
Video by students about the use of Indian mascots.

**Inupiat Heritage Center's Junior Ranger Booklet
Games and more about the Inupiaq traditions

**Makahiki Games
Traditional Hawaiian games that challenge a healthy body and mind.

**Traditional Native Games
Dedicated to research, restoration and re-introduction of Native American Indian games.

*Harjo: Get Educated
Transcript: Suzan Shown Harjo's chats with ESPN listeners about the Washington Redskins name.

**Indian Stickball Returns
Watch the video and learn how to play the game that used to settle wars.

**Native Games
From Montana's Indian Education for All Curriculum

*A Life or Death Game
A Mayan ballgame knowledge quest from the Library of Congress

Arctic Winter Games
Cal Winter called this "the best idea since the invention of 7-Up,"

**Animals Coloring Book
  Free printable coloring books of animals and birds from all species!

**REcycle Roundup
Play the game.

**Learn how to play Chunke
The chunke stones used in this game were highly prized and kept from generation to generation as town property.

**Native Americans in baseball's past & present
A slideshow from the exhibit at the Iroquois Museum


**Piikani Stick Game
Play an ancient game of the Blackfoot Nation

Nunavut co-hosts the 2002 Arctic Games
Iqaluit was home to 1,600 athletes and spectators from Greenland, the United States and Russia during t biannual weeklong event

Birth of the Arctic Games
Radio Broadcast from CBC

**Ancient Arctic Sports
Ancient Arctic sports were the highlight of the 1980 Arctic Winte

**Traditional Games and Sports of Siberian Indigenous Populations

**Free Rice Game
For each word you get right, rice is donated the UN to help end world hunger.

**Not Your Typical Olympics
Listen to the story of the Eskimo Indian Olympics

**Interactive Beadwork Designer
For Planning Loomwork or Lane Stitch projects

*Native Voice Foundation
Creating a generation of Native American Olympians

**Baseball and Playing Indian
Resources for further study

**Futbolito: A Journey Through Central America (1994)
Film of five north American athletes who travel through Guatemala and Nicaragua a popular new foot game.

** Inequity
Play the Game

**Against the Winds: Traditions of Native American Running
Many links and much information.

Almost since the day they were "discovered" by European explorers, American Indians have been caricaturized in stories, ads, films and imagery

**Guess the Plant Name
Guess the Word Before the Turtle Hides in His Shell!

Bone Dominoes

Inuit Bilboquet
Inuit carvers make the game pieces from muskox horn or the humerus of a seal.

North American Games after 1500

A traditional Native American stickball game that has been played for at least 400 years.

**Indian Language Toys for Native American Kids
Many tribes are using NDN Linguist toy to expose tribal youth to their native language at an early age.

**Cornhusk Wheel & Corncob Dart Game
Natives of different groups have their own special ways to play the Wheel & Dart game

**Extraordinary Aboriginal Creations
Take the fun online quiz

North American Indian Tennis Association
A clearinghouse for information about Indian Tennis and athletics

*Weave a Virtual Wampum Belt

*Virtual Coloring Book
Color the wigwam, pottery, or fishing

**2006 Arctic Winter Games
A photo album of events

Playing Indian at Halftime
Words about the Indian mascot issue.

**First Nations Snowboard Team
A radio clip with a team of FN snowboarders whose goal is the 2010 Olympics

**Urban Native Youth Association : Playing to Win
Radio clip: Vancouver's Urban Native Youth Association use of sports and recreation to train tomorrow's leaders.

**2006 North American Indigenous Games (NAIG)
Offering competition in 16 sports for youth between the ages 13-19 and adults ages 20 and over.

**Seminole Dolls
Accurately portrays the clothing and hairstyle worn by traditional Seminole men and women

**Salish Hand Game and Songs
Played by the Salish tribe of British Columbia and Northwestern United States

** Little Pines Game
A game played with dolls from white pine tips.

** Bundle & Pin Game
Give a moosehide an upward toss while piercing one of the holes with the pointed end of the stick

Ring and Pin Game
Uses unique materials from the natural environment for the ring and pin.

** Buzzer Game
The buzzer game is undoubtedly ancient in origin

** Schools for Chiapas
Bikes for Youth-Photo Galleries

** Seminole Doll Making
The history and practices of Seminole doll making

**Team Dark Wind
The first All-Native American Tournament Paintball team

American Indian Sports Team Mascots

S : Indians Say They're Still Under Attack 
The Indian Mascot issue is gaining support. The following website enlightens non-Indian friends as to why the racism must stop.

Mush, the Yukon Quest
On February 15, at 5:00 a.m., Tim Osmar and his sled dogs crossed the finish line to win the Yukon Quest, called the toughest sled-dog race in the world.  Travel with the participants through CBC audio and video coverage.
Mush! The Yukon Quest

Native Voices Foundation
Native Voices Foundation is helping sponsor a national effort to get more American Indian youths interested in winter sports. The organization is spearheading "Native Olympic Dream Projects" to help improve native and nonnative relations. 
Welcome to Native Voices Foundation

NativeTech: Games & Toys
Make your own authentic Native American games to play with your friends!

Traditional Inuit Games
For Inuit who embrace their arctic homeland completely, games play a very important aspect in adapting to the severe environment.

Lacrosse Sticks
Native Americans played a game called "Little Brother of War," or "They Bump Hips," based on a mock war between enemy tribes.

2002 North American Indigenous Games
Archery, Badminton, Baseball, Basketball, Boxing, Canoeing, Golf, Lacrosse, Rifle shooting, Soccer, Softball, Swimming, Tae Kwon Do, Track & Field, Volleyball and Wrestling.

Maliseet Games
The object of snowsnake is to throw the snowsnake on a flat bed of snow to see how far it will travel.

2002 Official Iditarod Site
Everything you need to follow the race for FREE: history, geography, weather, news sources, strategy ,mushers biographies, information on the dogs, and real time updates of the rac eonce it begins March 2nd!!

Dog Mushing and Iditarod Coverage
All of the adventure; none of the frostbite. 100% information with little or no filler!

California Nations Indian Gaming Association (CNIGA)
A non-profit group of seventy-six federally-recognized tribal governments dedicated to protecting gaming rights on Indian lands

First Native American woman to win Olympic metal. 
Native American Sports Council

Powwow Puzzle

Zuni Race
Today's New York City Marathon has its foundations in ancient Greece. And as Hal Cannon of the Western Folklife Center reports, long distance running also has deep roots in Native American history

 Nova Scotia Mi'kmaw Sports & Recreation Circle
"Established to serve the sports and recreation needs of the thirteen Mi'kmaw communities of Nova Scotia (soon to be completed) (temporary site)

U.S. Commission on Civil Rights Issues Statement on the Use of Native American Images and Nicknames as Sports Symbols

 Indian sports heroes 

The Mexican Art Game

The Peruvian Statistics Game
Compare statistics from two very different countries: the United States, one of the world's wealthiest nations, and Peru, one of the poorest.

*Professional Indian Horse Racing Association
Indian relay is one of America’s oldest sports, dating back  over 400 years to when horses were re-introduced to' Native cultures.

**Native Baseball
Tests hand eye coordination with the use of two sticks

**Bump Ball
A simple field game that requires some playing space about the size of half a basketball court

*Lakota Language Game

*Tarzan Brown, The Narragansett Indian Who Twice Won The Boston Marathon
The annual Tarzan Brown Mystic River Run in Mystic, Conn., has been run every year since 1975 in his honor.

Tarzan Brown Mystic River Run 
An annual event held in Mystic Connecticut honoring the Naragansett Indian who won the Boston Marathon two times!

**Skateboarding in Pine Ridge
Watch the documentary trailer!

Promoting awareness about Native American athletes competing in a wide variety of college and professional sports

Hail to the Victors
The Michigan Fight Song sung in Anishinaabemowin

**American Football
The kids at Carlisle Indian School  changed the fundamentals of football forever.

Lakota Language Game

**Early Choctaw Games
A few examples of games that were played, and still can be played today!

*Stronghold Society
Encourages Native youth to live a healthy life through the diverse means of skateboarding, arts, and creative movements

*Native American Mascots
A TED Talk video by Indigenous Nations Studies program Director and Professor Dr. Cornel Pewewardy

**Maya Math Game
The ancient Maya used mathematics to support many activities in their daily lives,

**Redskins Web Skin
The word "Redskins" is racist.
Install the extension into your browser to replace the term “Redskins” with a more dignified term.

**Hand Game
Watch online: a documentary explores contemporary gambling in the Northwest Native Society through a look at the traditional hand game.


Eradicating Offensive Native Mascotry

Off the Rez
A new documentary about the Schimmel sisters. Watch the trailer here

**Navajo Shoe Game

**Trivia Game
Test Your Knowledge of Native Americans

**The Arrival Game Series
Establish a civilization to stand the test of time

**Team Manitoba 2013 National Aboriginal Hockey Championships
List of the female team roster and staff

**The Aboriginal Physical Activity and Cultural Circle
A network for Aboriginal people who are involved in Sports, Recreation, Fitness and Traditional Activities

**Atlatl Antics
Complete the Atlatl Antics activities

**Riding With The First Nations Snowboard Team
Riding With The First Nations Snowboard Team in Whistler B.C

**Traditional Native Games
Restoring, reviving, and reenacting traditional Native American Games

*10 Toys That Give the Gift of Physical Fitness
Make physical activity a part of your holiday plans.

**Native American Dolls

**Tribal Exchange Competition!
Teaches Native American students financial literacy in a competitive and fun setting.

**Native American Basketball Tournaments
Opportunities to participate in rez ball and urban basketball tournaments

/*Cherokee Ball Play
From the Smithsonian

**Hand Games
Documentary of the mythic and historic roots the traditional hand game (also called "stick game" or "bone game").

**Let the Games Begin
Radio: Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau  opens the first Arctic Winter games in 1970

**The Indigenous Sport Council (Alberta)
A multi-sport organization that represents all Indigenous youth and families.

**Aboriginal Physical Activity & Cultural Circle
A network for Aboriginal people who are involved in Sports, Recreation, Fitness and Traditional Activities

** Make Your Mark Dice
Marks, colors, creatures, environment ... where do the dice take you?

*Tobacco Card Game
Match cards, answer trivia questions, and earn as many points as possible!

**Parks Puzzles
Thousands of National Parks images to turn into online jigsaw puzzles

**Traditional Native Games
A wealth of knowledge about Native games and their continued interest in communities today.

**Play Chunkey with the Ancient Mississippians
Hone your estimation skills in this simulation of a game played by the ancient Mississippian mound builders at Cahokia, in southern Illinois.

** Tribal Exchange Competition
Teaches Native American students financial literacy in a competitive and fun setting.

**Niigaanibatowaad: FrontRunners
The story of 10 young Aboriginal men who carried th Pan American Games torch from St. Paul, Mn to Winnipeg in 1967.

** Metis Games
Sports honed skills essential for hunting, defending the community or working in the fur trade.

*The Sacsahuaman Game
Rebuild Sacsahuamán, a gigantic stone fortress over 1/3 mile long whose ruins still exist in Peru.

**Jim Thorpe
Video of Jim Thorpe, Sac and Fox, considered by many as the greatest athlete of the 20th century.

**Interview with Seminole alligator wrestler, Richard Bowers
Recorded on May 4, 1983 by folklorist Doris Dyen in Hollywood, Florida

*Cherokee Marbles
Watch an online game of marbles played by the Cherokee for, some say, 1,200 years.

*Hawaiian Ha'a War Chant
The U. of Hawaii football team performs their traditional New Haka war chant before the game.

Bella Sera Native Horse Online Activities for Girls
Virtual Horses and online activities designed to promote healthy self-reflection among girls.

Let the Games Begin
Radio: Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau  opens the first Arctic Winter games in 1970

**Play Coast Salish Sla-hal
The 13,000 year old game is still played as intensely as ever

**NIEHS Kids Pages
Free materials from National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences

**Welcome to Lacrossetown
Online slideshow about lacrosse from Indian Country Today.

**Toy Trade Ax
Made in the typical Hudson's Bay Company trade axe style

**Mayan Math
Breaking the Mayan Code

**The Fin, Fur, and Feather Bureau of Investigation
Games and more from National Geographic

A radio interview withthe world's greatest soccer player.

The healing power of the game of lacrosse
How lacrosse saved the Nunavummiut community of Kugluktuk

Native Youth Olympics, 2005
View the NYO photo gallery

*NIAC Kids Corner - Nipmuc Indian Association of Connecticut
The Nipmuc Indian Association has created a great site with lots of interactive games and learning opportunities. Have fun!

*First Voices For Kids
Interactive games using several aboriginal languages.
*Chickasaw Adventures
E-Comics, Games, and more fun from the Chickasaw Nation

*Shuttlecock and Battledoor
Keep the Shuttle in the Air...

* Native Voices Foundation
To create better understanding and joyful unity through sports to help heal Mother Earth for our children.

*The Mexican Art Game

**Match the Snowflakes Game

* A line in the Sand
Dedicated to the debate surrounding Native American stereotypes and other issues

**Indian Tribe Word Search
From the Metis Resource Centre Inc

All Indians, all sports, all the time.

**National Toy Hall of Fame
Images and information about toys in the collection
Native American Basketry
Match the New England Ash Splint Basket Designs

**Virtual Paper Dolls
Dress the Indian girl from southern New England

Help the Chipmunk Find His Acorns!

*Wa'lade hama'gan
Play the Penobscot Bowl & Dice Game

Field Lacrosse  has been played in one form or another by Native Peoples all across North America

* World Eskimo Olympics 2004
Watch a slide show of this year's events.

*Futbolity, A Journey Through Central America
Free online documentary. (Registration required) Five north American athletes travel through Guatemala and Nicaragua promoting footbag, or hackey sack!

Right to Play
*Promotes sports programs based on evidence that play enhances "healthy physical and psychosocial development and builds stronger communities

* How to make a tamarack Stick Goose Decoy

* Free from Woven Stitch
American Indian cross stitch pattern

* Match the Dyes and Quills

American Indians in Football
Carlysle Indian School, Sonny Sixkiller, and more.

* American Indian Baseball players
A list of American INdian baseball players, tribes, and active years.

*Stones Unturned
Images of Native clothing, musical instruments, games and toys from the Canadian Museum of Civilization. 

*Rattle in the Form of a Ballplayer
The Mayan creation story tells how the Sun and the Moon resulted from ball gae between the Lords of the Underworld and the Hero Twins on earth.

*PhotoVoyage of the Navajo Rodeo
Photos taken from last  summer's Navajo Rodeo.

* Powwow Puzzle

* THE CHUECA OR Palin Game
The Palinn Game of the Mapuche People is called hockey by because of its similarity to actual field hockey

 * The old Indian game of baggataway
The beginnings of LaCrosse; from the archives of CBC radio

 * Lacrosse: A History of Canada's Game
The First Nations began playing the sport more than 500 years ago.

Winter Puzzle
Preschool students can place items in a winter landscape.

Wild Games
Animal word search, concentration, and more fun!

2003 Racial and Gender Report Card:
Analysis of hiring practices of the following sports: NBA, NFL, NHL, MLP, MLS, WNBA, NCAA and members.

The Iditarod Virtual Field Trip

Mascot Issue
Native American organizations that endorse retiring of Native American mascots

By Barbara Munson the Oneida Nation

Schools from the Iditarod District 
Learn about schools along the Iditarod trail.

Iditarod Coverage
Follow the Iditarod in real time online!follow the race in real time right online!

Dog Mushing and Iditarod Coverage

  Tropical America
An amazing site! Do not miss it. 500 years of Latin American history, blended and condensed into a non-linear interactive game.

Making Marbles
Make your own marbles the Cherokee way.

 Ethnic Images in Toys and Games
Essays exploring "ethnic stereotyping in toys  and games." From the Balch Institute for
      Ethnic Studies, Philadelphia.

In Whose Honor? American Indian Mascots in Sports
This documentary focuses on Charlene Teters, a Spokane Indian, who waged a campaign against Chief Illiniwek, the University of Illinois' beloved mascot.

Toys and Games
Dolls, Dice Games, Ring and Pin Games, Puzzles and more from Canadian First Nations

[Click "Kids" button 

Come and Play
Coloring Books, Fun, and Games about Canada's Aboriginal People
[Click "Kids" button] 

Indian Games for Boys
Mandan Ring, The Game of Big Foot, Rules of the Buffalo Hunt Game 

3-D archery is a test of dexterity and accuracy.

Coast Salish canoe racing
The Native Canoe was an economic necessity, like a railroad or highway, and it also provided recreation in the sport of racing.

Woodlands Indians Competition
Games of strength and endurance often emphasized eyesight, agility and creativity.

The Canoe and Kayak
Almost all First Nations peoples across northern North America used the canoe or the kayak in daily life.

The Great Race
Gods and animals raced long before Indian men and women did.

Comprehensive coverage of the Last Great Race on Earth, featuring streaming media, daily Iditarod reports and educational materials.

Running Strong for American Indian Youth--Billy Mills 

 The Cherokee BallPlay
Among their other many cultural gifts to the world, Native Americans contributed the game which later became known as Lacrosse.

   Haudenosaunee Lacrosse


Dog sledding
Experience dogsledding--ride the sled in this video.

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