Army signs Native Hawaiian covenant

"It is the responsibility of the army and other other branches of service to safeguard us from unwarranted aggression. The Kanaka Maoli advisory council recognizes these circumstances, and strives through this covenant to respect the importance of host culture needs and values while also recognizing the contribution of the military's presence in ensuring our security and freedom."
Neil Hannahs, Kamehameha Schools Land Manager and member of the Native Hawaiian Advisory Council formed for this covenant

Neil Hannahs






Hawaii: Native Hawaiians and the military have often disagreed about land use across the islands. Recently, both groups  signed a promise to work together.

That promise is called the Native Hawaiian Covenant. The one page statement and six goals are designed to heal hard feelings between the two groups. The army says it will work to protect and preserve the islands'  fragile environment. It will also keep open dialogues with Native Hawaiians while meeting the military's mission

US Army-Hawaii's Covenant with Native Hawaiians

We recognize that…

…The Native Hawaiians are nâ kanaka ôîwi Hawaii…the aboriginal peoples of Hawai'i.

…Native Hawaiian' cultural and historical experiences are shaped by the land and surrounding ocean…that as the Army maintains and uses the land of Hawai'i, it is mindful to protect and preserve this fragile environment and ensure that what remains is a meaningful legacy for future generations.

We are committed to:

Providing sustainable installation support and services for Joint War fighters, our Army Families, and the military community that meets current and future mission requirements, safeguards human health, improves quality of life and enhances the natural environment;

Providing proactive dialogue with Native Hawaiians to ensure the meaningful exchange of information and to enable sound, informed decisions by the Army that respects the legacy of the Native people of Hawai'i while meeting the mission and goals of the Army;

Building a partnership between the Native Hawaiian community and the US Army, a relationship that promotes mutual cooperation, understanding and enhances the standing of each within the community;

We are committed to a mutually beneficial relationship between Native Hawaiians and the US Army, Hawai'i by:

- Enhancing education and understanding of Native Hawaiian issues, culture, and values to Army Soldiers and Families

- Enhancing education and understanding of Army values, culture and actions to the Native Hawaiian community

- Leveraging opportunities for proactive dialogue between the Army and Native Hawaiians

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