Dear Native Villages Friends,

Unfortunately, some inappropriate activity has been undertaken on Leonard Peltier's behalf.   Three letters were received from an anonymous source, implying violence against  Fargo's Federal Building where an FBI office is located.

"But I can not excuse many of your activities, among them your continued
mistreatment of Leonard Peltier.  No concealed evidence?  You can only get
away with that because of public apathy," one letter stated. "...Think about that when you start attending the funerals of your own agents . Just remember that you
have it coming."

Leonard Peltier's policy is non-violence regarding ANY activity pursued on his behalf.   The Leonard Peltier defense committee is sharing Leonard's response (below)  which has been widely published.

July 15, 2001

I have just been notified of the letter sent to "The Forum" newspaper in Fargo, North Dakota, which makes violent threats against the FBI and refers to my continued imprisonment, in part, as the motivation.  I want to make it completely clear that I do not condone violence, nor do I want any violence or threat of violence committed on my behalf.  I have repeatedly made this clear to my supporters through public statements over the years of my imprisonment.  Whoever sent this threat is using my name in a way that I cannot tolerate and I insist that they immediately cease the pursuit of any such activity.  Threatening violence, or far worse, perpetrating violence, is not only heinous and loathsome, but will compromise our honest and righteous efforts to seek justice in my case as well as justice for all Native Peoples.  In fact, such tactics so obviously contradict what I stand for and what all of my supporters stand for, that I must question the true intent of whoever is doing this.  Clearly this person does not hold my interests at heart.

As Native Peoples, our traditional values teach us that all life is sacredand should be protected.  Any act of violence perpetrated upon innocent people violates our most sacred beliefs.  We have already witnessed the horrifying and devastating outcome of the Oklahoma City Bombing in which so
many died needlessly, including children.  I fully denounce any scheme that has the potential to cause this type, or any type of death and despair.

Leonard Peltier