From Leonard Peltier:

Statement to Supporters, June 10, 2005


Dear Brothers, Sisters, Friends, Supporters, and All People,

        I want to thank you all for your continuing support. These are important times for us all. Now is the time for unification. Only through unity can we overcome. I ask all of us, my brother and sisters, all people, please come together as one and work together hard for the rights of all. On this Wednesday, one of the most important hearings in my case will be presented in Fargo, North Dakota. It challenges the court's jurisdiction to have illegally sentenced me. I was never charged with a crime over which the United States had jurisdiction. The charges and conviction violate our sovereignty. This hearing can lead to my freedom. But, I will leave it to my lawyers to present these issues to the court and any of you who have questions may of course call upon them. Barry Bachrach and Michael Kuzma have worked hard for my freedom, as have so many of you, too many to list. I remember you all and hope to join you soon. I especially want to thank Michael Kuzma for his hard work in relentlessly pursuing the government to produce to us the over 140,000 documents which have yet to be produced, after nearly 30 years of obfuscation. I hope you will all support this hearing and the cause. I hope to be free so I can even more effectively assist and give back to all of my people  for the outpouring of support that you have given me through these so many years. Let's pray that this time I am given the justice due our people.

         I also want to acknowledge another significant event which will occur on June 26,2 005, the 30th anniversary of the firefight on the Jumping Bull property. We did not start that war. We stood as brave warriors simply trying to protect the elders and the traditionals who did not wish to lose their identity to the forces conducting a war upon them. All of those who participated that day were warriors. I, along with all of you, mourn the death of Joe Stuntz who valiantly sought to protect our people. We mourn the many people who died during the Reign of Terror. We mourn that the fight continues. The forces attacking us have not stopped. However, this anniversary should not only be a day only of mourning, but a day to reinvigorate our people's efforts to achieve the rights and justice to which we  are all due. Today, many of our people are being unjustly placed in prison. The government has turned the prisons into one of the largest reservations in this Country .Our people are not treated with the respect we are due. These injustices must stop. We must unite and speak as one to stop the injustices facing our people. Remember, unity. Unity conquers all. My prayers are with you all on these important days. I pray to be with you soon to help.  

In the Spirit,   Leonard Peltier


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