We are so proud of all the men and women that are fighting for the freedom of the people of iraq, you are all in my prayers and thoughts daily. Always be proud of what ever you do in life.
                   God bless

I just want to say THANK YOU! You are all risking your lives not only for the safety of Americans, but that of the Iraqi people. No words can truly express how proud the American people are of our Troops.  God Bless you ALL!
Stephanie Preston
Salisbury, Maryland

greeting's to all you are doing a great job defending the people , we here in our home are very proud of our american fighting vets ,i  severd in the navy in the 1960's and was in conflict it is not easy ,just keep up the great job
  j.mcclure choctaw/shawnee

It is with blessings from many across the world that you pursue freedom for the Iraqi people. We thank you.

god bless everyone of you, and protect you with a mighty outstretched hand. I pray that each and everyone of you make it home safe and sound, to your families.    Miss Lisa Fundenberg Atlantic city N.J. 08401

Know that you are making this world a safer place for children everywhere.  Come  home safely.


Migwetch.. Thank You all for doing such a great job.  You're in my prayers and may our FATHER keep you safe.  Ottawa/Chippewa Beverly

We grieve with all of you each time one of our brave troops is taken away.  Please know that America is grateful to each and every one of you, and wish you all well.  Stay safe and thanks for your bravery and courage.

If you guys out there get a chance to read this, all i want to say is a big thank-you. You are doing a great job.
Love from
Alex Brailsford
p.s. Keep safe

Very proud of what you have accomplished.
And praying for your safe return.  
(Ret. USAFR) George & Mrs. Krach

Our gratitude and prayers are with you as you free the Iraqi people and help return peace and freedom to an oppressed area.  Gitchee Moneto adien ahuk peh. (May Great Spirits blessings be yours.)    GB, Ohio


To all our American Indian warriors: continue the legacy, continue the faith in your traditions.  We, too, may someday be free

.i am part ALGONQUIN ---i want to say THANK YOU to all tthe brave young Marines who have an American Indian background as well as all the the troops who were on the LINE---------I--we--will be eternally thankful to you-------i just wish my unit the 26th MARINES could have done the same as you guys


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