Native Villages would like to congratulate all 2001 NAMMY nominees and winners! 

The Native American Music Awards 



Designates Winner

Record of the Year
1. "Circle" Indigenous (Pachyderm)
2. "In A Distant Place" Nakai, Eaton, Clipman & Khechog (Canyon)
3. "Music From A Painted Cave" Robert Mirabal (Silver Wave)
4. "Peacemaker's Journey" Joanne Shenadoah (Silver Wave)
5. "The Heron Smiled" Annie Humphrey (Makoche')

Song/Single of the Year
1. 'Dreamcatcher' Donna Summer (Silver Wave)
2. 'Hiatus of the Heart' Janice Marie (Tastebuds)
3. 'Junior Frybread' Arigon Starr (Wacky)
4. 'Last Night By The River' Connie Dover (Taylor Park)
5. 'Me & Bobby McGee' Dalaine & Fred Whiteface (Fabulous)

Artist of the Year
1. Joseph Fire Crow "Cheyenne Nation" (Makoche')
2. Joanne Shenandoah "Peacemaker's Journey" (S Wave)
3. Keith Secola "Homeland" (Akina)
4. Mishi Donovan "Journey Home" (Arbor)
5. Robert Mirabal "Music From A Painted Cave" (S Wave)

Best Female Artist
1. Annie Humphrey "The Heron Smiled" (Makoche')
2. Arigon Starr "Wind-Up" (Wacky)
3. Delphine Tsinajinnie "Mother's Word (Canyon)
4. Karen Therese "Heart of the Wolf" (Red Feather)
5. Radmilla Cody "Within The Four Directions" (C Rgs)

Best Male Artist
1. Edmund Bull "Indian Boy" (Turtle Island)
2. Golana' "Feather on the Wind" (Oginali)
3. Jay Begaye "Round Dance In Beauty" (Canyon)
4. R. Carlos Nakai "Ancient Future" (Canyon)
5. Robert Tree Cody "Crossroads" (Canyon)

Duo/Group of the Year
1. Clan/destine "Amajacoustic" (Rezdawgs)
2. Nakai, Eaton, Clipman & Khechog "In A Distant Place"
3. Primeaux & Mike "Evolution" (Canyon)
4. Tree Cody & Quilas Yxayotl "Crossroads" (Canyon)
5. Walela "Unbearable Love" (Triloka)

Debut Artist/Group of the Year
1. Charles Littleleaf "Ancient Reflections" (Redwood)
2. Delphine Tsinajinnie "Mother's Word (Canyon)
3. Lawrence Laughing "Now Our Minds Are One" (Sil)
4. Laura Satterfield "Dirty Velvet Lie" (Triloka)
5. Thunder Hawk Singers "Native Pride" (Spirit Wind)

Best Independent Recording
1. "Bluewater" Bluewater (Two Keys)
2. "People of the Red Man" Qua-ti-si (Shadagea)
3. "Somewhere In A Dream" Star Nayea (Tumbleweed)
4. "Thunder Beings" Wakinyan
5. "Wiseman" Carlos Reynosa (Sacred Circle)

Flutist of the Year
1. Golana' "Feather on the Wind" (Oginali)
2. Joseph Fire Crow "Cheyenne Nation" (Makoche')
3. Nicole LaRoche "Passion Spirit" (Soar)
4. R. Carlos Nakai "Ancient Future" (Canyon)
5. Robert Tree Cody "Crossroads" (Canyon)

Best Short & Long Form Video
1. "Black Indians: An American Story" Neville Brothers (Rich-Heape)
2. "Earthlodge" Keith Bear (Makoche')
3. "Gathering of Nations 2000" Various (Fox/KASA)
4. "Lay Your Burden Down" Tiger Tiger (Stinger Hopanke)
5. "Without Reservation" XIT (Red Crow)

Best Producer
1. David Chamberlin "Feather On The Wind" (Oginali)
2. Doyle Bramall "Circle" (Pachyderm)
3. Eddie Weber "Within The Four Directions" (Cool Runnings)
4. Robert Doyle & Art Tafoya "Crossroads" (Canyon)
5. Tom Wasinger And Joanne Shenandoah "Peacemaker's Journey" (Silver Wave)

Songwriter of the Year
1. Annie Humphrey "The Heron Smiled" (Makoche')
2. Arigon Starr "Wind-Up" (Wacky)
3. Joanne Shenandoah "Peacemaker's Journey" (Silver Wave)
4. Mato Nanji "Circle" (Pachyderm)
5. Robert Mirabal "Music From A Painted Cave" (Silver Wave)

Best Traditional Recording
1. "Earthlodge" Keith Bear (Makoche')
2. "Evolution" Primeaux & Mike (Canyon)
3. "Mother's Word Delphine Tsinajinnie (Canyon)
4. "Round Dance In Beauty" Jay Begaye (Canyon)
5. "Traditional Navajo Songs" Monument Valley Singers (Canyon)

Best Spoken Word Recording
1. "Cherish The Children” Travis Harden (Medicine Wheel)
2. "Granpa Sings - Alone's Favorite Tales" Duncan Sings Alone (Chis)
3. "Tales of Wonder" Gregg Howard (Rich-Heape)
4. "The Whispering Tree" Trudell, Humphrey & Friends (Makoche')
5. “Native American Songs As Told by Wolfsong” Wolfsong (Ws Prd)

. Best World Music Recording
1. "The Sounds of Reality" Casper Loma-da-wa (Third Mesa)
2. "Compilation" Yarina (Yari)
3. "Pharaohs" Gale Revilla (Morning Star)
4. "Rise Again Truth" Tchiya Amet (Milky Way)
5. "Verses" Pamyua (Arctic Voice)

Best Historical Recording
1. "Buffalo Republic" Jack Gladstone (Hawkstone)
2. "Cherish The Children" T, Harden & Feather Necklace Singers
3. "Gathering; Native Alaskan Music & Words" Various (Nk)
4. "Veterans Songs" Lakota Thunder (Makoche')
5. "Within The Four Directions" Radmilla Cody (C R)

Best Instrumental Recording
1. "In A Distant Place" Nakai, Eaton, Clipman & Khechog
2. "In The Spirit" Great Mystery (Sacred Mountain)
3. "Homeland" Keith Secola (Akina)
4. "Sunset To Sunrise" Desert Horizon (Canyon)
5. "Center of the Universe" Tsa'ne Do'se (Sacred Cedar)

Best New Age Recording
1. "Ancient Future" R. Carlos Nakai Quartet (Canyon)
2. "Crossroads" Robert Tree Cody & Xavier Quilas Yxayotl
3. "Heart of the Wolf" Karen Therese (Red Feather)
4. "Music From A Painted Cave" Robert Mirabal (S Wave)
5. "Peacemaker's Journey" Joanne Shenandoah (S Wave)

Best Pop/Rock Recording
1. "Amajacoustic" Clan/destine (Rezdawgs)
2. "Awake" Nadjiwan (Heading North Music)
3. "More Than Life" Jana (Curb)
4. "On and On" Eagle & Hawk (Sunshine)
5. "Wind-Up" Arigon Starr (Wacky)

Best Pow Wow Recording
1. "Ain't Nothin' But A 'E' Thang" Eyabay (Sunshine)
2. "Live From Tornado Alley!" Tha Tribe (Canyon)
3. "Pikuni Style" Kicking Women Singers (Canyon)
4. "Rockin The Rez" Northern Cree (Canyon)
5. "Veterans Songs" Lakota Thunder (Makoche')

Best Rap/Hip Hop Recording
1. "Spirit Warrior" Shadowyze (Warrior/Soar)
2. "Strictly Native" Rollin' Fox (Strictly Native)
3. "Sub-Verses" Aztlan Underground (D3)
4. "The Red Ryders Vol II" Various (Red Vinyl)
5. "The Relentless Warrior" Chief Rock (Chiefrock)

Best Blues Recording
1. "Cheyenne Blues Revisited" Gary Small Band (Akina)
2. "Circle" Indigenous (Pachyderm)
3. "I'm The Wolf" Jimmy Wolf (Red Reverend)
4. "My Love Is Dangerous" Butch Mudbone & Wolfpack
5. "See You At The Knee" Tony Palmer & Breeds (Oyate)

Best Compilation Recording
1. "Emerging Power" Aikman/Brotzman, Producers
2. "Naturally Native Soundtrack" Marienthal, Producer
3. "Prayer For Peace" Marienthal, Producer
4. "The Whispering Tree" Swenson, Producer
5. "Y2K - Gathering of Nations Pow Wow" GON, Prod

Best Folk/Country Recording
1. "The Heron Smiled" Annie Humphrey (Makoche')
2. "Hopes and Dreams" Howard Lyons (Skydome)
3. "Buffalo Republic" Jack Gladstone (Hawkstone)
4. "I Never Gave Up Hope" Lorrie Church (Eagle Hill)
5. "Rise Above My Enemy" Thunderbird Sisters (TBS)

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