Christmas Games in Barrow

Written by Mary Sage
Photo credit: Joseph Napaaqtuq Sage

Well we had a fun week up here in Barrow with the annual Christmas games.

There were two types of competition each day; all-around and married versus single. In the all-around events, participants competed in age brackets, and cash awards were given to the top three winners ($15 for 1st, $10 for 2nd, and $5 for 3rd). After the all-around events were finished, the married versus single games took place. Married women versus single women and married men versus single men competed in various events. Silly games such as the crowd pleasing bat-spin relay and the laughing game were played as well as many strength and endurance competitions. The Christmas games start every year on the day after Christmas, and are held every day until Dec 31. The games resumed after the New Year's Eve fireworks display, and went on for 18 hours. Both the single women and men won the most events.

Doreen Ahgeak vs Mary Sage
Doreen Ahgeak and Mary Sage competing in the arm pull event for 31-35 year olds. Ahgeak won first place with Sage coming in second

Timothy Gerke vs Jonathan Fritsch -
Competitors Timothy Gerke and Jonathan Fritsch in the Eskimo stick pull event for 4 year olds. Gerke went on to win first place with Fritsch coming in second.

George Leavitt vs Savik Ahmaogak -
George Leavitt and Savik Ahmaogak battle in the middle finger pull for the 71 and over age bracket. Ahmaogak went on to win first place with Leavitt coming in second.

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