2009 Heading for the Spring Whaling
Written and Photographed by Mary Virginia Anniagruk Lum Sage;

The Arnold Brower Crew caught Barrow’s first whale of the Spring 2009 season. It was quite an honor as it is the late Arnold Brower Sr.’s birthday. Sadly, he passed away last year

The Akootchook Whaling Crew sent Ben Roy Sage down to the ABC whale to assist in butchering. In return, the Akootchook Whaling Crew received a share that was to be divided evenly for the ten members. This is what we call "autaaq."

Flossie Nageak, wife of Akootchook Whaling Crew captain Roy Nageak Sr., along with Kate Kignak, cut and divided the crew’s share for their members. Everyone was excited to have fresh unaalik (boiled skin and fat).

Almost ready to bag

2 autaaq.jpg>>

3 Flossie and Kate cutting up.


4 Flossie cutting.jpg

5 Flossie's share


Flossie cutting her share

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