2009 Heading for the Spring Whaling

Written and Photographed by Mary Virginia Anniagruk Lum Sage
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Barrow, Alaska

Kaden Kignak, 1, future whaler, and Frank Nageak, 10, youngest member of the Akootchook Whaling Crew, play on the snow machine while the crew prepares for the ice

2.      While everyone is preparing to head to the whaling camp on the ice, Carmen Kagak and Kivvaq Sage play in the puddle. Barrow experienced unusually warm weather for a week, resulting in a lot of melting snow.

3.      The umiaq, or seal skin boat, is loaded with the floats, paddles and harpoons needed for spring whaling.

4.      Captain Roy Maloney Nageak and his wife Flossie spread the ashes of Perry Nageak, long time member of the Akootchook Whaling Crew. We lost Perry in March, and the crew followed his wishes of including his ashes on the boat and also spread out to sea.

5.      Frieda Nageak and her youngest son EJ, 5. EJís older brother Frank, 10, was heading out to the whaling camp with the crew. EJ was worried about his safety and expressed his concern to his mom. The crew assured him Frank will be safe.

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