by Mary Anniagruk Sage


Egg Hunting on the Arctic Cliffs
2009 Inupiaq Thanksgiving and Christmas Feast
Akootchook 2009 Fall Whaling
2009 Nalukataq (Spring Whaling Celebration
2009 Heading for the Ice for Spring Whaling

Kalukaq 2009
Patkotak Whaling Crew celebrates
The Kali School Graduation ceremony
First Sunrise in Barrow Alaska, 2008
Christmas Games 2007 in Barrow
Natives and scientists State their

Worry about Climate Warming
2007 Hunters and agency agree to cancel Whale Hunt

The Sacred Gift of Song, Dance, and Festivity
Andrew Akootchook Sage

2006 Success for Quvan Crew
Quvan Crew Whale
Ice Shore and Whaling Camp
Whaling Gear: Ready to Go  
Cleaning Out the Ice Cellar
Harvesting Bearded Seal Skins

Inupiat begin preparations for 2006 whaling season

Inupiaq artwork:

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