May, 2007
By Mary Anniagruk Sage

Here are a few pictures from the apugauti today. Apugauti is one of the celebrations for a successful spring whaling season. The crews bring in their umiaqs (seal skin boats) from the ice to the land, and they serve mikiaq (fermented whale meat, skin and blubber), soup and Eskimo donuts near the beach.

Duck Soup: Hopson Crew members Avaiyak Hopson and Francine Hopson serve geese soup to Winona Akpik during their apugauti on Thursday.

Herman CC and Emma: The Hopson Crew held their apugauti today in Barrow at the Sadie Neakok Playground near the beach. Crew member Emma Hopson (right) serves Herman Ahsoak and CC Ungarook some apple fritters.


Photo credit: Mary Anniagruk Sage

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