Patkotak Whaling Crew celebrates


Photo credit: Joseph Napaaqtuq Sage

Jerony Patkotak of the Patkotak Whaling Crew celebrates a successful whaling season by jumping on the bearded seal skin blanket and tossing candy to the crowd. The Patkotak Whaling Crew and the Arnold Brower Crew held their nalukataq (spring whaling celebration) on Saturday, June 21 on the beach in Barrow, Alaska. The crews served the community all day long with items such as duck, geese or caribou soup, maktak (skin and fat of the bowhead whale), mikigaq (fermented maktak and meat), whale meat, and flipper. The feast was followed by a blanket toss and ended with Inupiaq dancing. The crew flags, as well as the frozen Arctic Ocean, can be seen in the background.

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