Inupiaq New Year Activities in Barrow, Alaska

Courtesy of Mary Sage

Photos by Maloney

In the first part, Herman is drumming and the boys are dancing.
Then Joseph tries several times to take the box drum away from Herman, and he succeeds.
After they are done, the boys dance some more with Joseph at the box drum.
After this song is done, we do the aniiraq, which literally pulls in the new year. We try to go as low as we can.
After the aniiraq, we dance two by two, doing anything silly to make the crowd laugh. Joseph and I were doing Kung Fu.
You can also see my 3 year old Kivvaq. She was the last person in the aniiraq, and it was soooo awesome to glance back and see her. She is such a doll!
After we were done, we did some invitational songs and then motion dances.

We are going to have Kivgiq (the messengerís feast) here in Barrow from Feb 11-14.  I canít wait for Kivgiq!
 Iíve included the history of Kivgiq from Ikayuaq.:
The Sacred Gift of Song, Dance, and Festivity


Clara, Sage, Mariska Sanchez

Frances Nageak

Frances Nageak and Robin Kaleak

Joseph and Mary Sage




Kalukaq 3 Joseph Takingit


Kalukaq 5

Kung Fu Panda

Kivvaq Sage


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