Making your Christmas Green

Shared by Liz Boltz

Having a green Christmas doesn't mean being a Scrooge! Just follow these simple action points for cutting down on Christmas waste.

Shopping for presents

When possible, buy products made from recycled materials.

If you're not sure what to buy, try gift cards or certificates.

Consider buying presents that are environmentally friendly or produced in a sustainable way.

Wrapping and decorating

Between Thanksgiving and New Year's day, Americans throw away a million extra tons of garbage each week, including holiday wrapping and packaging.

 Gift tags can be made from old greetings cards. Newspaper and paper bags can be decorated and used to wrap gifts (you can use stamps, paint, or other creative methods to decorate brown paper bags).

 Buy recycled wrapping paper and use string, ribbon or wool for wrapping gifts:

 Buy and re-use gift bags.

Recycling Christmas cards and trees

In 2004, Europeans sent around 744 million Christmas cards. If all these were recycled instead of thrown away, it would save the equivalent of 248,000 trees!

 Instead of sending a card, you could send a message or electronic Christmas card to friends and family on the internet. 

Buy cards made from recycled materials (and recycle the cards you receive - most cities recycle both paper and cardboard).

Contact your local authorities to check if it has a program for chipping and composting trees to produce mulch.

Have a happy green Christmas! Why not make it a green new year, too?

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