Regalia Discovered in Dumpster

Do you recognize the lady's buckskin regalia pictured above? Do you know who it belongs to? Was it stolen?  The regalia was found in a trash can near Vancouver, British Columbia.  It's suspected to come from Alberta or the U.S. Some believe it may be of Southwestern USA design. The items directly to the left of the breast plate appears to be a Hopi Kachina Doll Totem. The geometric designs resemble those of the Hopi, Dineh, and Navajo area peoples.

The regalia includes a bone breastplate, green fringed shawl, moccasins, leggings, hand bag, hair tie ornament, knife sheath, pendant, beaded belt, a white bodice and sleeves with white fringes.

If you can identify this, please contact Alice Balsito immediately at:

Alice Besito
Financial Aide Worker
West & Central Regions
Sto:lo Nation Social Development
Phone: 604-847-3299
Fax: 604-847-3280

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