UN Shadow Report on Natives in U.S.

The 87-page Consolidated Indigenous Shadow Report has been prepared with testimony from a number of individuals, It covers issues such as:
environmental racism,
border injustices,
 the destruction of sacred places,
violence against women,
and the “overwhelming disparities in income, life expectancy, poverty and unemployment,”

Some describe the report  as a system of Apartheid and forced assimilation “where Indigenous people are warehoused in poverty and neglect, their only option being to abandon their lands, families, languages and cultures to search for a better life.”

As stated in the Conclusion, The United States perpetuates a constitutional and legal system that legitimizes discriminatory practices towards Indigenous Peoples by failing to protect their rights to property, religious freedom and practice, despoiling spiritually significant areas, denying Indigenous Peoples’ control and management of resources and self-determination even on their own lands.

Download the report in full:
Consolidated Indigenous Shadow Report (pdf)
UN Shadow Report on Natives in United States

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