Where is the Honor? 
Where is the Respect?

Our ancestors were a proud people who honored and respected Mother Earth. They honored and respected their elders, their woman, their chief. Our ancestors showed honor and respect to the four legged and winged ones, to the trees and plants, to all life.  In many nations the women/ clan mothers made the decisions for the tribe. They decided when to go to war, who would be on the council, and who the next chief would be, among other things. Everything that dealt with the village's well being was decided by them. To our people who have forgotten what honor and respect are, I say
T O P!!!

S T O P!!! talking and start doing 
S T O P!!! fighting and bickering with each other and start understanding one another and getting along. 
S T O P!!! living a lie, start living your culture and honor mother earth.
But most importantly

S T O P!!! the disrespect and dishonor, and look to the way of our ancestors. 

The time of the awakening is at hand for our people. So we need to get past our differences, our fighting with each other. We need to get past the European Assimilation and culture, and get back to the way we where intended to live. The chains of bondage have been removed, and now is the time to do what we know is right.


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