Native Village Opportunities
July 2007 Summer Issue I

"The…advice I have to give you is, do not live your life safely. I would take risks and not do things just because everybody else does them. In my generation someone who had a big impact on me was Robert Kennedy, who in one speech said, 'Some people see things the way they are and ask why, and others dream things that never were and ask why not?' I think that is where I hope many of you will be – people that question why things are and why we have to do them the way we have always done them. I hope you will take some risks, exert some real leadership on issues, and if you will, dance along the edge of the roof as you continue for life."
Wilma P. Mankiller, 1992 Principal Chief, Cherokee Nation


Shishmaref: We Are Worth Saving!
This Inupiat Eskimo village is searching for help.

The Longest Walk
February 11 - July 11, 2008
Alcatraz Island, CA - Washington DC
Join elders, children, families, leaders, and friends walking for peace, earth healing, and the 7th generation.

Students in grades 3-12 work on art projects that require each young artist to thoughtfully reflect on his/her life and culture.
Children of Many Colors Native American Intertribal Powwow
July 20 - 22, 2007
Moorpark, Calif

America's Promise - the Alliance for Youth
July 31-Aug. 1, 2007
Nashville, TN
Strengthens cross-sector collaboration on behalf of young people.

Steps to Creating a Native Credit Union
July 24-26, 2007
Free, online class.
Contact Bill Guevara:

GE Healthcare Grants
Deadline: August 1, 2007
Funding for programs that focus on youth education and/or promote health lives.

The Community Access to Child Health Program
Deadline: July 31, 2007
Supporting pediatricians and communities that are involved in community-based  efforts for children.

August 1-12, 2007
South Dakota
Prayer for the Protection of Bear Butte
Staples Foundation for Learning Grants
Deadline: August 3, 2007 
Funds programs that support or provide job skills and/or education for all people, with an emphasis on disadvantaged youth.

YSA Grants for Young Change-Makers
Deadline is August 13, 2007
Young people between the ages of 12 and 20 can apply for grants to create sustainable community-benefiting "social venture" projects.

Building Bridges in the City and Beyond: Languages,  Communities, and Cultures
August 8, 2007
Awards for Heroes in Animal Welfare
Deadline: August 15, 2007
Nominate extraordinary pets and people for the ASPCA's annual Humane Awards.

National Tribal Leaders' Tobacco Policy Summit
August 19-21, 2007
Bloomington, Minnesota
Contact Gerry RainingBird:

Ronald McDonald House Charities
Deadline: August 15, 2007
Supports national and international nonprofit organizations whose programs help improve the health and well-being of children.

2007 Tulalip Film Festival
August 24-25, 2007
A celebration of filmmaking and filmmakers, which will feature Coast Salish films.

Disney Minnie Grants
Deadline: August 30, 2007
Supporting youth-led service projects that are planned and implemented in communities between October 1 and November 26,

2007 Native Revolution Film Festival
Film submission deadline: August 30, 2007
October 26, 27, 2007
Fairbanks, Alaska.=
Showcases independent indigenous films, nurtures aspiring independent filmmakers, and utilizes cinema as an educational art form.
2008 MetLife Community College Excellence Award
Deadline: August 31, 2007
Given to colleges that  are especially effective in helping students from underserved  populations to succeed in postsecondary learning.

ConocoPhillips SPIRIT of Conservation Migratory Bird Program
Deadline: September 1, 2007
Provides funding for projects that benefit migratory birds and their habitats.

Keepers of the Fire Scholarship Program
Deadline: August 31, 2007
Scholarship awards to American Indian students studying Social Work or American Indian Studies.

The Davis Scholarship for 10th and 11th Grade
Offers full academic support for study at the  Armand Hammer United World College.

MethSMART: Smart Programs for Smart Kids
Educated Indian youth about the dangers of methamphetamine

Norman Foundation Grants
The current priority for civil rights is public education equity, with an emphasis on parent and youth organizing.

Seva's Native American Funding Programs
Supports local grassroots partnerships with Native American Peoples.

Giving Flight to Your Success
Southwest Airlines will provide round trip tickets to needy students who travel away from home to pursue a higher education

Do Something Grants
Works to inspire, support, and celebrate young social entrepreneurs and community activists

Bell Labs Fellowships for under-represented minorities
Student Inventors Scholarships
 Student Video Scholarships
Coca-Cola Two-Year College Scholarships
Actuarial Scholarships for Minority Students
Ayn Rand Essay Scholarships
Brand Essay Competition
Gates Millennium Scholarships
Xerox Scholarships for Students
Saul T. Wilson Scholarships (Veterinary)
Sports Scholarships and Internships
Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Fund
Wired Scholar Free Scholarship Search
Fin Aid: The Smart Students Guide to Financial Aid scholarships
Microsoft Scholarship Program
Multiple List of Minority Scholarships
Hope Scholarships & Lifetime Credits
William Randolph Hearst Endowed Scholarship for Minority Students
Easley National Scholarship Program
Guaranteed Scholarships
BOEING scholarships
International Students Scholarships & Aid Help
ScienceNet Scholarship Listing
Graduate Fellowships For Minorities Nationwide
Presidential Freedom Scholarships

College Board Scholarship Search

The Roothbert Scholarship Fund
Federal Scholarships & Aid Gateways 25 Scholarships
CollegeNet's Scholarship Database
Union Sponsored Scholarships and Aid
Aid & Resources For Re-Entry Students
Scholarship Links (Ed Finance Group)
FAFSA On The Web
HBCU Packard Sit Abroad Scholarships
Scholarships and Fellowships
Scholarships for Study in Paralegal Studies
ACT-SO "Olympics of the Mind" Scholarships
Scholarship and Fellowship Opportunities
INROADS internships
GE and LuLac Scholarship Funds
Burger King Scholarship Program
Siemens Westinghouse Competition
Rhodes Scholarships at Oxford

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